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Community Info Session: Building Strength in Recovery - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeff C
Thank you for holding this info session. Sadly I must depart. Be well 🙏🏽
Metis Nation of Alberta
Thank you for attending. A recording of the presentation will be emailed out to everyone
LTS Testing
I am wondering if you are conducting drug screening to really understand the substances that are possibly causing mental health issues as well as preventing overdosing?
LTS Testing
Thank you
Susan Hopps - NLC
I have to step away now. Thanks for the presentation! :)
Metis Nation of Alberta
Thank you for joining us!
Metis Nation of Alberta
We would love to get your thoughts on the presentation. Please fill out our feedback survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsgM_wGuEg9YNQ4-aNIptZVyrutkGJyDuFoyC8Ly4RNoSegg/viewform
LTS Testing
I am glad to hear that programs are becoming more advanced and that stigma is being recognized as a major hindrance to treatments. I lost my sister to fentanyl laced meth in Red Deer and trying to get her help was so hard. Thank you for all your information