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Leaders talk: Supporting mental health in your community - Shared screen with speaker view
Farhana Miah NALC
Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to the Leaders talk: Supporting mental health in your community event. Silvia, Claire and I are here to help you today with any technical questions. Please do not hesitate to message us privately with any issues. If you haven't done so already, could you please change your ZOOM name to your name and council name. You can change your name by clicking on the three dots in the top right hand of your picture.
NALC Jonathan Owen
welcome everyone!
Farhana Miah NALC
NALC has a dedicated health and wellbeing webpage and a collated case study document which highlights the excellent work of our councils. Do take a look! https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/health-and-wellbeinghttps://www.nalc.gov.uk/library/our-work/health/3071-health-and-wellbeing-case-studies/file
I am Janet Davey Portishead town council lead on health. Sorry, can't put my details on photo.
Sean Macleod Lewes DC
I am Lewes District Council mental health champion which is something we signed upto throught the mentl health challenge, I have created a project called football therapy which is run in partnership with Lewes FC, its using football as a tool to engage hard to reach groups and get them talking about mental health, we had over 36 men and women taking part, right now though its very hard to keep them engaged as the league we play in has stopped and people don't feel safe coming to training at the moment, I firmly believe that physical exercise is such an important tool in fighting poor mental health, I find that trying to engage virtually is difficult due to low incomes and some not having the equipment to be able to do it. I am wondering how I can manage this as I have managed to engage some very hard to reach groups in young and middle aged men and if anyone has any tips they could give. I also live with BPD and completely agree that covid has really impacted my mental health
Emily Osler, Stroud Town Council
Thanks for sharing, Sean, sounds like a great project. Perhaps these men could continue to meet in small groups through sharing other interests while training is on hold, working together on a mini project they are passionate about, or simply meeting up in a 'safe' place. Be interested to hear from the panel on this one as it is frustrating to 'lose ground' on such important work through Covid restrictions and fears.
Jonathan Owen NALC
Remember to use the chat function to pose question to the panel
Yvonne Murray Histon & Impington PC
Thanks Sean - Has anyone any experience of running a successful scheme loaning IPADS and/or mobile phones so that we can increase people's connection with the events in the community?
Cristina Harris Church Crookham Parish Council
My name is Cristina Harris and I am from Church Crookham Parish Council. I wish to bring a loneliness community project in the local community particularly with the elderly with the local area. Has any of the panel got any advice/guidance on doing this? Many thanks
Cllr Patricia Lawar Gt Linford Parish Council
will we get copy of info being presented ?
Justin Griggs, NALC
Yes Patricia we'll be sharing Amy and Imogen slides in the post event mailing :-)
Linda Larter Sevenoaks Town Council
is there a summary of the Best Practices from the report referred to?
can you tell us abit more about the benchmark?
Ross Bofinger Stapleford TC
What was the group Imogen mentioned? Gifting foundation?
Emily Osler, Stroud Town Council
Good Things Foundation
Sean Macleod Lewes DC
Thank you so much for the fantastic answers
Imogen Smith, Communities Prepared
Ross Bofinger Stapleford TC
Jonathan Owen NALC
NALC/LGA produced this guide on loneliness https://www.nalc.gov.uk/news/entry/1325-nalc-and-lga-launch-new-guide-to-tackle-loneliness
Cristina Harris Church Crookham Parish Council
Many thanks for the advice and link
Claire FitzGerald NALC
We would love to receive your feedback on todays event - you can do so by following this link - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XRFS5GL
Imogen Smith, Communities Prepared
I'd also highlight a fantastic organisation called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which is a movement against suicide
Emily Osler, Stroud Town Council
In Stroud we found during lockdown that the increase in use of groups such as WhatsApp and Facebook to support neighbourly groups, while hugely valuable in terms of connecting and supporting people, also meant that very occasionally mental health crises were played out on these forums, which was very distressing for volunteers also. Does the panel have anything to say on that?
Cllr Patricia Lawar Gt Linford Parish Council
Ji John Blewitt would do you mind sharing your email or a way to contact you as we are trying to develop a group in our parish.
John Blewitt Stronger Together
if anyone wants to chat to me about running a mental health support group my number is 07803037048 I have had depression for over 40 years, run a fantastic support group with some talented people so if I can help in any way give me a call.
Yvonne Murray Histon & Impington PC
Thank you All. Great Talk - will definitely take back to my Parish Council - How do we become a mentally healthy community