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The future of health challenges post COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
Good morning everyone. My name is Olivia Butterworth and I am Head of Public Participation, Homelessness and Inclusion Health for NHS England and NHS Improvement
Justin Griggs, NALC
If you haven’t already, do check out the dedicated health and wellbeing page on the NALC website at https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/health-and-wellbeing
Justin Griggs, NALC
This includes information about what local councils can do, links to an extensive range of resources and guidance, and our case studies publication showcasing what councils are already doing https://www.nalc.gov.uk/library/our-work/health/3071-health-and-wellbeing-case-studies/file
Claire FitzGerald NALC support
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
Many parish and town councillors are also members of their local patient participation groups (PPGs) at their local doctors surgery. I Chair my local PPG. What role can we play as part of the community effort you talk about?
cllr david poor exmouth town council
who is part of health and well being board which coordinates pcn, gps, social services and councils ? We are in Exmouth area, well worth it.
Irene Mitchell Lavenham Parish Council
Thank you Olivia for your introduction to PCNs. Would you agree that PCNs should be grouped where possible to reflect actual community links? I ask because locally in Lavenham our PCN crosses a District Council boundary and this has brought a major problem. A large practice serving Lavenham with two surgeries, closed the site in my village without notice or communication with the Parish Council or the PPG as the PCN determined this building would be the safe secure space for COVID cases in the community
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
Thanks Irene - There is a real tension about the need for a neighbourhood based grouping vs which practices want to work together. I would agree that they should be formed around ‘natural community boundaries’. If a practice has been closed then there is a requirement for formal consultation with the registered patient list. They may have made temporary changes to the configuration of services so that they can manage COVID-19 cases, often referred to as ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ sites. If those changes are to become permanent then they are required to consult. The CCG would lead on that as they hold the responsibility.
Irene Mitchell Lavenham Parish Council
Thank you. Our surgery close on 16th March and it is not yet fully open. The Parish Council had so many complaints and concerns from the community we felt compelled to make a formal complaint
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
Thanks Irene - formal complaints are actually very helpful as they often support improvement and better community engagement.
cllr david poor exmouth town council
Question. We have a strong covid mutual aid group, and another support group which we talk to as a council, but we know there is also another group of volunteers which were recruited via the NHS. Is there anyway we can talk to them ?
Keith Hambly-Staite Feock PC
our weak link has been the difficulty in identifying vulnerable people because of data protection
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
David - Jeremy is going to talk about the NHS Volunteer Responders and I work in the team that leads on that for NHS England. They are very much looking at how they can better connect with local volunteer / mutual aid groups.
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
A great checklist Chrissie, thank you.
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
On the data protection issue - you may find the formal guidance issued by NHSx useful
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
Cllr Marianna Masters-Lambeth
Really impressive presentation. The one issue we have is that there are mutual aid groups that done a phenomenal job providing hyper local solutions but are reluctant to work with us the council who they have often vocally opposed. What is the best way in your experience to engage and co-ordinate efforts
Justin Griggs, NALC
Question to Jeremy but welcome views from others: how can we sustain the outpouring of support and volunteerism we've seen during the pandemic including NHS responders, and get them involved and connected to the work of parish and town councils, and even becoming councillors?
Cllr sue smith woughton community council
Justin we did councillor workshops with volunteers before last election and got 9 people interested in being parish councillor
Justin Griggs, NALC
That's great to hear Sue - did that interest translate into standing, and being elected?
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
My parish council just recently set up a voluntary sector working group, at my request, which I Chair. We're looking at how we can better support local charities and community groups.
Cllr sue smith woughton community council
yes 5 of them. workshops consisted of whats officially expected from you AND what residents expr
Cllr sue smith woughton community council
expect of you
joglover Braunston
Marianna - offer funding/support? I run our community group (before i became a cllr) and was blown away with support from PC. However - I have seen the opposite from other groups in that PC’s have point blank refused to help or get involved.
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
My concern with the Krueger Report, is that it's a rehash of the 'Big Society'...which sounded warm and fuzzy, but many of us believe was a cover for cuts. Charities are there to add value, not to be having to deliver public services which taxpayers should expect to be delivered by government. Do you agree?
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
For example, it's great that charities and businesses have stepped in to deliver free school meals out of term time...but, really, central government should be funding that.
Cllr sue smith woughton community council
our parish council delivered 1000+ food hampers delivered by same volunteer so that could see if any well being problems ie no pride in appearance before issues occurred if we got to who the vulnerable people in the community we could have done more things like that
Keith Hambly-Staite Feock PC
we are increasingly talking about COMMUNITY but have we done enough to define what community is?
We set up a volunteer group in the village, run by our PC chair and clerk- delivered medicines and food to people who were shielding
jeremy hughes
Please do contact me directly so I can ensure follow up on specific questions. Best address that reaches me direct is Jeremy-hughes@hotmail.co.uk
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
On defining community - I think this has been debated in many spaces over the years. I think that communities self define often around place but also interest. Important that we don’t limit this.
What can we do to improve access to green spaces to improve health and wellbeing for everyone?
Olivia Butterworth (she/her) NHS England and NHS Improvement
Conscious that we’re over time so before everyone disappears - thank you so much. This has been a great session. I’ve particularly enjoyed the non-verbal encouragement I’ve seen on many faces! Thank you for everything you do. I hope you’re looking after yourselves as well as all the work you do for others.
Olivia Kane - NALC support
Feedback form - The Future of Health Challenges Post COVID-19https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XCC9Q6Q
Mathew Hulbert Barwell Parish Councillor
Thanks, folks. A great session.
Beverley Brown NALC
Thanks Olivia! great presentations and interesting information noted!
Irene Mitchell Lavenham Parish Council
Thank to Olivia, Chrissie and Jeremy. Great session. Learned a lot.
Keith Elder Perton PC
Pallavi asks about access to green spaces. There is a UK network of friends of open spaces which we can contact