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CANSSI/SSC Cross-Country Tour with Don Estep - Shared screen with speaker view
Nathan Ngongo
Good morning everyone, and welcome to the SSC/CANSSI Co-Sponsored Cross-Country Tour with Don Estep. Please note that this session will be recorded. The recording link and copy of the slides will be sent after the session.
Grace Chiu
Thanks so much Don. What may be a few main reference papers for your work on stochastic inverse problems?
Grace Chiu
Super - thanks!
Nathan Ngongo
Thank you everyone for attending this session.You can find information about the next event with Connie Stewart, on June 17, 2022| 12 p.m. ADT and register here:http://www.canssi.ca/cross-country/
Jiguo Cao
Great talk, Don!
Zhengxiao Wei
Thank you, Prof. Estep.