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EITI Mainstreaming - Shared screen with speaker view
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
Hello everyone, I am very happy to take part in this meeting
Nahema Sylla
Hi M. OUEDRAOGO, welcome. Feel free to ask any questions in the chat
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
my connexion is not très good
Chiugo Aghaji
Hi Aasmund, please could you say a few Words about the risk profile? Does the portal do this automatically, as data is uploaded, or does the user have to set up risk indicators first?
Chiugo Aghaji
yes thank you
Chiugo Aghaji
Thank you very much Paye. This has been an expansive piece of work from Senegal and RDF and has led to increased systematic disclosures of data in Senegal. I had a question regarding the Tax ID numbers. Did TIN numbers have to change from one government agency to another? How difficult was it to get cross-agency compliance on TIN numbers?
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
Thank you for the presentation, Burkina Faso is very interested in this system of systematic disclosure.
Chiugo Aghaji
Also, now that the data is online, are you able to track data use? Do Citizens have to be trained on how to use the portals ?
Sidy Ouattara
@Paye, how can countries like Burkina Faso could eventually implement this ? Which advices do you have for them ?
Laurel Lenckonov
Thanks you for the presentation.
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
Thank you, OUATTARA
Laurel Lenckonov
Regarding the environmental assessment, and all the other related aspects, is it possible to highlight on the potail the compliance of a company with respect for the environment with the color-coded system??
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
Can Mr. Paye share the basic documents used to achieve this result? thank
Sidy Ouattara
Since, Paye is in Ouaga they can both meet and discuss
Lamoussa Barthelemy OUEDRAOGO
thank you Mr Paye