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LEADERS TALK - LOCAL COUNCILS AND THE FUTURE OF PLAY - Shared screen with speaker view
Des Deane - Everesley Parish Council
I have no sound is that correct
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Des, Can you hear Charlotte now?
Des Deane - Everesley Parish Council
Yes thank you
Phil Lloyd
I have added North Fambridge Parish Council but cant see it on the video screen
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Phil, I can add it for you
I am Sally, I have no idea how to show my name and organisaion
Elisabeth Uggerloese Bidford on Avon PV
Click on the three dots and then on rename
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Sally, I shall message you privately
Janet Searle Locking Parish council
Not seeing slides only Charlotte
Claire Goldfinch - event support
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Liz Hazelby - Dodington Parish Council
Try "View Options" at the top of your screen and select Side by Side Mode
Melody Hunter Evans
Hi I am also struggling to add Frome Town Council to my name
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Melody, I can add your council name for you
Phil Lloyd
Claire. I have added North Fambridge Parish Council to my name in my profile, I cant see NFPC on the screen
Claire Goldfinch - event support
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Phil Lloyd
Ok Thanks
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Section 106 of what act?
Kate Elliott-Turner - Stotfold Town Council
1990 Town & Country Planning Act
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Phil, you can find more information here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1990/8/section/106
Jessica Lancod-Frost (NALC)
Mark's full presentation will be available after the event
Elisabeth Uggerloese Bidford on Avon PV
Do APC offer advice as to the type of play equipment that can or should be installed depending on site and age of children?
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
we have noticed that there are a lot of children using the play areas and we are pleased that we made the decision to pay to have the areas cleaned on a regular basis.
Des Deane - Everesley Parish Council
Are traditional adventure playgrounds a viable option in todays society?
Cllr Julia Gooch
More adventurous play areas are desperately needed. I am also a District Cllr and question the need for so many LAPS
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Great stuff from Mark Hardy - massive problem especially for small parishes is financing play equipment, outside gyms and safe ground cover
Chris Sizeland, Chapel PC
We are finding it more dangerous to close our MUGA as per the current regulations, than to keep it open. Kids will just climb over any barriers. Any advice please? Regulations are also very confusing. Would just taking the basketball hoops away temporarily tick the box.
Annette Magnus Tydd St Mary PC
how would we be able to secure funding for a MUGA on a field rented from the diocese in a rural village?
Anita Grant
there are still a number of traditional adventure playgrounds - we have 12 in Islington alone!. Based around freedom, elements and loose parts. They have stayed open through lockdown 2 as have parks playgrounds.
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
we are considering revamping our skate park and have asked for input from local people, they are not forthcoming . We did contact a company local to us in East Sussex to advise but have not been able to contact them for months. Any suggestions as to who we could get advice on this from please?
Sally du Gay Church Crookham PC
We have several play areas and MUGAs but we struggle with dealing the lack of respect shown by residents in terms of the volume of rubbish left in the play areas and anti social behaviour exhibited. We've had residents asking that we do not put in any further play facilities for older children eg zip wire as they will cause too much noise and nuisance Has anyone any advice on dealing with this
Claire Goldfinch - event support
I have had some questions sent to me privately:Does anyone has ideas for young teen "play" what would they suggest?What is the general opinion on MUGAS?
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Can I ask everybody their policy on dogs in parks, I understand they should be prohibited in inclosed toddler play areas.
Dawn Bramer, Meopham Parish Council
Yes funding is a big issue particularly at present-lottery and charity funding are closed to non Covid bids
Anita Grant
Play England have had a webinar looking at the guidance and restrictions around covid. Its all about the risk assessments. Many different councils and decision makers have taken different approaches.
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
we do not allow dogs inside the area where the play equipment is
Cllr Julia Gooch
Meet with the young people and ask them what they want/need, then look to see what can be achieved and what is needed to deliver the projects.
Sally du Gay Church Crookham PC
MUGA caused us problems with locking up during lockdown - basically we couldn't as the kids climb the 3m fence, consequently they continued to use it during lockdown, for which the parish council was criticised
Liz Hazelby - Dodington Parish Council
We don't allow dogs in play areas, we include this on our signage and generally find users of the areas respect this.
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
I understand that Lynne, I am referring to the other open areas of the park
Cllr Mike Drew - Yate TC
New estates built by developers are allowed/forced by Planners to provide play areas which they charge the householders for supposed maintenance. Not willing to allow the Parish/Town council to provide or run them.
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
we were approached by a group of youngsters about updating the skate park and we asked them several times to send details of what they would like to see but they have not engaged with us at all
Cllr Julia Gooch
Fields in Trust is a good document to read
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
From Cllr Julia Gooch to Everyone: (12:38 pm). How do you meet and communicate with young people and residents.
Cllr Mike Drew - Yate TC
To engage young people you need youth workers who will go out to them and engage them on their territory.
Cllr Julia Gooch
Invite them to a meeting, engage with the neighbourhood policing and schools
Anita Grant
working with organisations already working with and having relationships with children and young people - clubs, activities, schools, community centres, classes will give you a memory about what is important to children and YP. those workers already know! children don't love meetings....
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
how doe my fellow councillors deal with the issue of vandalism on playgrounds?
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Julia we are a very small village (300 homes) very little interest in Parish Council only seen one or two residents at open parish meetings. Village magazine gone as church has closed
Caroline Croft
Always conscious about older children who don't have anywhere to go. Play areas with more challenging climbing areas are very lacking.
Anita Grant
Older children also just like to have permission to meet up with each other and mess about in safe, fun spaces
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Lynne we are lucky we don’t have a lot of vandalism, have had drinking and gas cylinders in the park
Claire Goldfinch - event support
This Girl Can: https://www.thisgirlcan.co.uk/
Liz Hazelby - Dodington Parish Council
We have gone to the press when we've experienced significant vandalism in the hope of raising the issue with the community, raising awareness. Generally most vandalism is low-key, however we have employed security when it has been at it
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
I have seen local teenagers in the play parks on the swings which is good but we are concerned about whether the equipment will get broken by them
Des Deane - Everesley Parish Council
If funds permitted it would be good to have adult swings in all play areas which would encourage attendance and remind us all that we are still young at heart
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Can Mark Hardy help? I have to get three quotes for play equipment and/or outside gym. Problem is its not like buying a washing machine ie same make, model etc. Each supplier has its own style, design etc so difficult to get a like for like quote
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
how many of you have special play equipment for children with special needs?
Claire Goldfinch - event support
We would love to hear your feedback from this event! Please do fill in the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2DV9QR2
Phil Lloyd North Fambridge Parish Council
Lynne I am just upgrading access and picnic benches to be disabled friendly. I am hoping to get funding for outside gym equipment we will require disabled friendly equipment.
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
thanks Phil
Cllr Julia Gooch
The kids need to be involved from the start, they need to feel listened to. Find someone in your community who can communicate on the same level.
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
Theresa, how do you go about starting a youth council?
Anita Grant
The Children's play policy forum are working on a paper that will support inclusive design, and how to support children with many different abilities and needs to play. This should be available very soon.
Mark Hardy
Hi Everyone, Ive just seen all the various questions and Im guessing we will run out of time to respond to them all but Im happy to attempt to respond to what I can after the event....perhaps Charlotte and Co can advise on how we can do this ?
Claire Goldfinch - event support
Hi Lynne, it might be worth contacting the British Youth Council https://www.byc.org.uk/
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
thank you Claire
Claire Goldfinch - event support
HI Mark, We can collate the questions from the chat and send them to all of the speakers to comment on. Then we can circulate the answers to all the delegates
Hannah Stopford: Frome Town Council
Any innovative ideas for 'People make play' - play rangers, play workers, how can councils embed this in play policy?
Claire Goldfinch - event support
We would love to hear your feedback from this event! Please do fill in the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2DV9QR2
Tim Cann - Old Marston Parish Council
I contacted BYC about a year ago, had positive response giving me contact of rep in my area but that was it. All communications now unresponsive. BYC says rep in your area is, I say yes and getting nothing back no reply from anyone!
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
we look after 6 play areas in our Parish which is lovely and we know that they are well used, are currently considering a concrete table tennis table
Sarah Eden - Prudhoe Town Council
here, here :-)
Lynne Fraser - HWPC
thank you to everyone, it has been very informative.