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AIASF: Efficient, All-electric Building Retrofits - Shared screen with speaker view
Charlie Stott | AIASF COTE
Redwood Energy's All-Electric Retrofit for Single Family Homes https://redwoodenergy.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Pocket-Guide-to-All-Electric-Retrofits-of-Single-Family-Homes.pdf
Charlie Stott | AIASF COTE
REALIZE-CA Program https://rmi.org/our-work/buildings/realize/realize-ca/
Anish Tilak | RMI
@Nick Knob-and-tube wiring does not in and of itself preclude electrification. It is certainly a fire hazard if surrounded by fill insulation -- so the order of operations may be switched for this type of project. A focus for this type of electrification retrofit could be developing ways to mitigate electrical loads to prevent overloading panel and wiring (PV + batteries, smart panels, time of use controls for heat pumps). I have not heard of a silver bullet for knob and tube wiring upgrades but it is something policymakers are aware of and will hopefully tailor incentives to help.