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Reframing the Stations of the Cross - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrea Perrett
If you have a question for Alice or Glen, please add it to the chat box
Ross Lockhart
Another example of a public stations of the cross - this one in Toronto starting at Knox Presbyterian - sponsored by the Canadian Bible Society: https://www.crossingstoronto.com
Jan-Hendrik du Plessis
I'm wondering how they extended invitations to the stations to the wider community? (Or was the public nature of the stations sufficient?)
Nicole Reid
How might the stations of the cross be made accessible to children?
Brian Sipe (Regina Trinity Manor)
I lived in Tumbler Ridge Bc from 2000 till 2007 and we did the walk around town and each denomination involved took turns leading the station.
Jan-Hendrik du Plessis
Thank you!
Brian Sipe (Regina Trinity Manor)
it was a total family event.