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Virtual Learning, Workforce Needs, and Integration of Healthcare Ethics - Shared screen with speaker view
Kimberly Pierce Burke, AIAMC
Please be reminded to mute your audio...thank you!
Adrian Singson, Program Director
apologies, I have to leave a little earlyconducting exit interviews on graduating residents
Kimberly Pierce Burke, AIAMC
Thank you for attending, Adrian! Mindi will send out the link to the presentation recording.
Virginia Mohl
This is a wonderful discussion. The work on psychosocial problem list is extremely timely. Have you done any research on the effect of COVID 19 on the care team? We have had significant shortages in multiple areas of the team resources. Curious about possible substitutions. For example, in working with obesity, lacking endocrine resources we are relying more on PT and pharmacy.
Virginia Mohl
Thank you very helpful!