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Volunteer Lunch and Learn - Shared screen with speaker view
Keith Davis, Baylor
Keith Davis, Baylor, Chapter Counselor, always looking for a few new hints.
Matt Hermenau
Matt Hermenau, University of Delaware, Chapter Counselor, looking to discuss keystone!
Erin McHale
1. Erin McHale2. Support MANY chapters!3. Chief Volunteer Services Officer (AO Staff)4. Hope to learn about what advisors are needing assistance with when taking the content home
Mick Breske DC 24
Mick Breske DC 24. So Dak, Creighton, Ne Lincoln.
Ty Leech
Ty Leech, Vanderbilt, Director of Vol Services, what topics were most impactful at Keystone
Nicholas Sexton
Nick Sexton, EKU β€˜11, Trustee, and ditto Erin’s comment!
Kal Pipo | DC 6
Kal Pipo Case Western Reserve '86. I serve as the District Chief for the Greater Philadelphia
Anne Emmerth || BOII
Anne Emmerth, AO staff, I directly support four chapters. My focus: How do we keep the exec team focused on tangible, meaningful goals for their time in office?
Thomas Schoelerman
Tom Schoelerman, Iowa state University, Chapter Counselor
Roger Roa
Roger Roa / Regional Chief for SE / Support FL SnapChat and NC
Charles Hutchinson
Charles Hutchinson - DC. District 12 (UofI, Knox, Loyola Chicago)
Anne Emmerth || BOII
Global theme for all of us: Smoother officer transitions. So many officers told me that they got. . . . nothing.
Kal Pipo | DC 6
I support The College of New Jersey, University Of Pennsylvania, Univ of Delaware, Villanova, Drexel and the incoming West Chester Colony.
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas, UW Oshkosh, Risk Management Advisor
Erin McHale
I was sadly sick and unable to attend Keystone, but I agree that when members first attend their first Ritual session where they have to "pass the test" to gain admittance is sometimes their first moment of "oh wow! We're part of something bigger than our chapter!"
Erin McHale
I love that moment
Kal Pipo | DC 6
Reacted to "I was sadly sick and..." with πŸ‘
Kal Pipo | DC 6
Replying to "I love that moment"πŸ‘
Anne Emmerth || BOII
Keith, that's great to hear! If your chapter is doing great stuff in the DEI space, can you let your AO contact know? We want to collect best practices.
Anne Emmerth || BOII
Two of my chapters are struggling with what the VP of Risk Management learned -- as in, how to do events correctly and safely -- and how to get buy-in from the rest of exec for changes. Mostly around correct implementation of BYOB.
Bruce Garner (he, him)
Can we get a copy of the DEI slides from Keystone? our session was shortened by the unexpected snow that arrived Sunday morning! Thanks.
Erin McHale
Replying to "Can we get a copy of..."Bruce, I believe the Leadership & Education staff have requested slides or access to the content from the facilitators. If/when it arrives, it will be sent out!
Bruce Garner (he, him)
Replying to "Can we get a copy of..."Thanks!
Meghan Bullard
One challenge I have talked about with my chapters is the ability to explain how they arrived at certain decisions without being able to re-create the entire conference
Bruce Garner (he, him)
Unfortunately, none of my guys were able to attend Keystone because weekends involved were also recruitment weekends. I'm trying to bring some of what I learned back to them. We are also still engaged in conversations with the OSFL about how supportive or inhibitive they are being. That's taking more time and energy than it should. It was a good experience for me, though. Thanks for the opportunity.
Mick Breske DC 24
Is there a chance we can discuss on how weather issues will affect the Leadership conference ? will chapters be fined for a no show status of some members. I know SD and MN are both in areas that are facing severe weather that will impede their travels.
Erin McHale
Mick, it has been my experience that chapters are NOT penalized when weather impacts their plans and ability to attend a program
Erin McHale
Always err on the side of caution! As someone who is in Minneapolis now... I understand. "A foot and a half of snow expected between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon!" is a bit daunting to hear.
Mick Breske DC 24
It will be a last second decision by the Hwy Dept if the roads are open to travel by early Friday AM, which is when their flights are.
Erin McHale
Reacted to "It will be a last se..." with πŸ‘
Erin McHale
Replying to "It will be a last se..."Have them keep their AO staff point of contact updated and if you can also keep Jacob Tidwell updated, Mick, that will make sure everybody is informed.
Mick Breske DC 24
That can most assuredly be accomplished. Thank you.
Erin McHale
Reacted to "That can most assure..." with πŸ‘
Meghan Bullard
Songs can be found here: https://www.beta.org/media-guides/
Meghan Bullard
Erin McHale
HI Andy!
Bruce Garner (he, him)
Downloaded them! Great for folks like me who can't carry a tune in a bucket.
Meghan Bullard
Register for March Lunch and Learn: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUuf-usqDgrHtW2u5LFaNvNhUYXEqY1Gn9l
Anne Emmerth || BOII
Great to see everyone! Thanks for taking the time and for ALL you do for Beta!