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Moving forward: Enabling a child-centred approach at the ICC and beyond - Shared screen with speaker view
Clarisse Douaud (JRR Comms)
If you have a question, please submit it in the Q&A roll (click on “Q&A” on the bottom of your Zoom screen). Please include your name, affiliation, and country location and specify to which panelist your question is directed or if it is directed to all panelists. You can submit your questions at any time. We aim to have at least 10 minutes for questions at the end of the webinar. Given the large number of participants, we may not have time to answer every question.
Clarisse Douaud (JRR Comms)
Here is the link to a higher quality version of Bassam Khabieh’s video presentation that we encourage you to watch again and share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEJxhQ_afg8Mr. Khabieh is a photographer and author of ‘Witness to War: The Children of Syria’. You can click here to find out more about this book and his work: https://www.witnessestowar.com/