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Project Zero Community Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Todd Thomas
Sorry, multi tasking..
Winnebago SO
(This is Lara Vendola-Messer) I will be participating in the state level work group that will be addressing how 911/988 (Nat'l Suicide Prevention Lifeline) will interact statewide. First meeting is in about 10 days.....(FYI as the pilots progress).
Beth Clay
Thanks for sharing Lara. We are really interested to watch 988 unfold and how it will impact our pilots.
Teresa Paulus
As I work with those with mental illness in their homes, I am excited about this work. it brings Hope!
John Wallschlaeger
This is certainly great news to hear that the Community Response Team is getting closer to being a reality. We know it is more than a year in the making. Is the Dream Team continuing to explore expanding a mental health response to a mental health crisis and taking the middle man, law enforcement, out of the process? Systems like CAHOOTS and STAR have proven their effectiveness in so many ways. I hope that is still on the radar. The implementation of the 988 system is a huge opportunity to capitalize on in doing that.
Michael Altekruse (He, Him, His)
I talked to our Mayor at Neenah and a couple officers. Is Neenah using this service yet?
Beth Clay
Thanks John, yes. The co-responder model is a FIRST STEP in reform of the crisis system response. Our goal is to move to a mental health responder to mental health crisis, leaving law enforcement available to deal with safety issues. We plan to evolve the pilot in real time.
Jenna Tepolt
Michael, At this time, Neenah has not been participating in the service but if they would like to, we are happy to receive referrals from them :)
Bre Gruenewald - CFS
A survey would be great!
John Wallschlaeger
Some really great details to report on this initiative. Thank you to all who are working on it. It really makes my day. Will this presentation be available to review in more detail on the website?
Beth Clay
Thanks John. Yes, the recording will be on the NEW Mental Health Connection website shortly after the presentation.
Wendy Harris (she, her, hers)
Yes! The Zoom recording and slide deck will be posted on our website. www.newmentalhealthconnectio.org
Wendy Harris (she, her, hers)
John Wallschlaeger
Outstanding. Thank you
Jen Parsons
This work is very exciting! Thank you to all who have been working so hard on this. I need to head to another meeting, it was so nice seeing everyone!
Sandy Drexler
United Way was so excited to partner with you to try to get the survey out in our community. Thank you for this vitally important work!
Scott Peeples
Please send me the unique link for the Mind Your Wellness survey. Thank you for all your work. Scott Peeples bletzhouse@gmail.com
Barb Bigalke
Please send us the unique link for the Mind Your Wellness survey please. Thank you ~
Teri Metropulos
Mosaic health would like a link teri.metropulos@mosaicfamilyhealth.org
Shelby Frank
Please send me a unique link:
Shelby Frank
Chris Wardlow
Thank you all very much! Great work happening! Thank you!
Shelby Frank
Thank you for working on this very important project in our community!
Barb Bigalke
Thank you for all the work!
Tony Gonzalez
Thank you Beth and your team for your leadership, strategic approach and inspiring work! Looking forward to more of the same!
Friendship Place
Thanks for shout out about Friendship Place. Yes, we will serve anyone in person Monday through Friday from 8:30-4pm. Please have people walk in to talk to us about their mental health crisis!
Teresa Paulus
You guys are outstanding!!!
Thanks!!!!! Awesome work!