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Great Decisions 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Aaron Karp
One result of the Ukraine crisis is China is diplomatically paralyzed. The looming superpower suddenly looks like it wants to disappear. Is this an opportunity American can exploit more broadly?
Isaiah Williams
How do you currently view America’s stance as a global power being that the power of democracy is being challenged by communist forms of government?
Jose Thomas
In light of recent events, What do you think is the US’ democratic responsibility on the global stage ?
Aaron Karp
Rich, how do you think Ukraine events would have played out if President Trump were reelected, still in office?
Nyle Nwainokpor
Hello every my name is Nyle Nwainokpor i’m a 5 year MBA major from Hampton University. What are some consequences reluctant leaders may face if they chose not to take action regarding the war ?
Regina Karp
Keep the questions coming!!
Robert Bennett
Do you believe America’s support to Urkraine will be detrimental to the economy and how severely will our government continue be challenged?
Ferryn Diggs
Good morning, do you believe that Biden’s rush to withdraw from Afghanistan is influencing his hesitancy to fully engage Russia’s invasion in Ukraine?
Ian Oakley
With President Biden characterizing sanctions against Russia, who do you think is going to feel the effect more, Russia or USA?
Soji Akomolafe
When diplomacy fails, two of the most powerful tools of American foreign policy are direct military intervention and the threat of nuclear weapons. For obvious reasons, the last is not on the table and the Biden administration has unilaterally refused to use the former. Given that sanctions have their limitations (Cuba, Iran, Russia), what else do we have left to dissuade China and Russia from achieving their territorial expansionist ambitions?
Francisco Coronel
What is the effect of Putin's invasion of Ukraine on the stock markets in Russia vs the USA?
dominique hunt
What does the future look like for Ukraine and the region? To what extent did the Biden administration's withdrawal from Afghanistan in August inform Putin's decision-making on Ukraine?
Francisco Coronel
Richard, thank you for a comprehensive view of our time; excellent summary of the US priorities.
Julio Felix
If Iran and America come to an agreement do u think it will last?? How will this agreement effect the current state of Iran in regard to the Taliban??
Soji Akomolafe
Great presentation
Aaron Karp
Thanks, Rich
Richard Maass
Thank you all for coming and engaging so actively!
Niah Johnson
Thank you so much great presentation! Will this reordering be available for us to review if wanted?
Regina Karp
Great job, Richard!!
Robert Bennett
Thank you
Kate Cross
Thank you for a great presentation
dominique hunt
thank you!