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September 2022 ANC 6A Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
Just noting that Eastern High School's staff has told us previously that kids are doing internships and sometimes are walking around during the school day and not to assume they are required to be in the building all the time.
Robb Dooling 6A06
From "Anonymous Attendee" in Q&A: "Thank you Commander Bryant. Very helpful comments. It sounds like we should keep the curfew law. Thanks for your service. We appreciate you!"
MPD Reward Flyer for David Baker, Jr...https://mpdc.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/mpdc/publication/attachments/baker_david.pdf
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
from Linda Harllee Harper: DYRS Parent Support Group is called Anchored in Strength. The group is facilitated by a contractor, Princess Whitaker Taylor. Her organization is XLNLIFE. Princess can be reached at 202-431-1668
Linda Harllee Harper
DYRS Parent Support Group is called Anchored In Strength. The group is facilitated by a contractor, Princess Whitaker Taylor Taylor. Her organization is XLNFLIFE. Princess can be reached at 202.431.1668.
Robb Dooling 6A06
Attendees now have the ability to chat
Marc Friend
Would love a follow up to my question?
Linden Neighborhood Association, Inc.
We utilize community service with adults and children in ward six
Necothia Bowens Robinson
Capt please call
Wilton Madison
Help me understand how is it that a business like the Bronze can even consider having outdoor entertainment until 2-3am when they boarder along a residential area. The Bronze protest deadline was on August 29th. How is the ANC protest even effective if it’s now past the deadline
Linda Harllee Harper
Thank you everyone for the opportunity for me to share more about the Office of Gun Violence Prevention. I can be reached at: linda.harlleeharper@dc.gov. (2 L's and 2 E's in Harllee). Good Night.
Robb Dooling 6A06
Agenda again for folks joining late: https://anc6a.org/wp-content/uploads/ANCP0922.pdf
Robb Dooling 6A06
Sorry I have to turn off permission to talk after you have asked your question. If you want to ask a question again, raise your hand and the chair will recognize you. (Yes, we see the one hand up so far)
Robb Dooling 6A06
may recognize** (we are volunteers doing our best!)
Brian Alcorn 6A08
ABRA Complaint Process Described Here - https://abra.dc.gov/service/complaint#:~:text=ABRA%20responds%20to%20public%20complaints%20about%20alcohol%20and,Phone%20Main%20%7C%20202.442.4423%20%28Monday-Friday%2C%208%3A30%20a.m.-4%3A00%20p.m%29
Brian Alcorn 6A08
And here - https://abra.dc.gov/service/complaint
Phil Toomajian 6A02
ABRA hotline for complaints is 202-329-6347
Wilton Madison
How can we get a copy of this 'settlement agreement'
Robb Dooling 6A06
We will post it on https://anc6a.org/settlementvoluntary-agreements/
Wilton Madison
Phil, please get together with the resisdents as soon as possible about Bronze
Wilton Madison
How can we arrange for a meeting with Phil about the Bronze issue
Phil Toomajian 6A02
HI Wilton. You can email me. The Bronze matter was considered at the prior ANC committee meeting. Tonight the ANC voted to authorize a protest and authorized the ANC Chair, Co-chair, and ABL chair and Co-chairs to represent the ANC unless they approved a settlement agreement. I'm not among that group, but I asked that the proposed agreement they reached in principal be shared. If you want to receive it, please contact the ABL committee -- Mr. Stanford who is here tonight is on the committtee and Mike Velasquez is my represntative on the committeee and may also know about it.
Phil Toomajian 6A02
Thanks, Mr. Stanford.
Robb Dooling 6A06
From Commissioner Laura Gentile: "Community Walk w/DDOT (11th Street). We've scheduled a community walk with DDOT next Friday, September 9th. This is an opportunity for neighbors to join DDOT for a walk along 11th Street to discuss traffic safety and other road-related concerns. We will meet at the southwest corner of 11th St NE and Maryland Ave at 4 pm on Friday. From there, we will walk south down 11th St to just past Lincoln Park. The walk will end at East Capitol Street. Hope to see lots of neighbors there."
Wilton Madison
I have emailed both Phil and Mr. Stanford. I look forward to your response.
Michael Cushman
That sounds like no it isn't required/yes it is required
Michael Cushman
The church members said they did not talk with HPO.
Robb Dooling 6A06
Was proud to vote down Steve Bannon's fence when I was 6C Commissioner in 2019. Am proud to support this church's fence.
Ms. Chatterjee misunderstands my point. I am not in favor of Steve Bannon having a security fence that does not meet the regulations. I’m only pointing out that if exceptions are made, that leads to more exceptions - including exceptions for individuals and groups we do not support.
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
I understand, but my point is that to equate those two things is to ignore systemic racism we are working to dismantle. They are not equal circumstances and would not be treated equally by any ANC committed to anti racism
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
Robb Dooling 6A06
Thank you, Mr. Greenfield, Commissioner Chatterjee, and all of the EDZ members for your work on this. I deeply appreciate it.
Robb Dooling 6A06
Felix Duc
Robb Dooling 6A06
It was all Commisioner Gentile
Robb Dooling 6A06
Eastern or Elliot-Hine?
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
You can park in front of my house anytime Gail! The bus lane will also make it MUCH safer to walk in H St and I don' t know that it will remove any parking
Robb Dooling 6A06
Thanks for sharing these valid frustrations with us Gail. Also wanted to make sure everyone knows the transit-only lane on H does not remove parking - it will go into the current streetcar lane