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UK Methane Emissions Exposed - Shared screen with speaker view
Rowan Emslie
The Global Methane Pledge sets a global, economy wide target for 30% reduction of methane emissions by 2030. More than 30 countries have now signed up for it, including the entire EU, the UK and the U.S.It will be formally launched at COP26.For more background on the Global Methane Pledge, check out our release on it: https://www.catf.us/2021/10/24-additional-countries-to-join-global-methane-pledge-as-momentum-builds-ahead-of-cop26/
Jill Sutcliffe
Andrew Griffith MP for Arundal and S Downs Is the Net Zero Minister and will be at COP 26
Rowan Emslie
Fantastic points Dennis! πŸ‘
Rowan Emslie
For people interested on the policy recommendations, we suggest 5 areas in the EU:https://cutmethane.eu/learn/smart-policies-to-reduce-methane-emissions/The piece on imports is less relevant in the UK, but the other four are crucial in any country using oil and gas.
Rowan Emslie
Ensuring everyone can see this from Lorraine:In case we don't have time to go in to. We would be keen to get a group of people together to help put a presentation that we could take to our councillor and send to our regulators. We would love this to be country wide. Please email us info@wealdactiongroup.org.uk to start working on that.
Lorraine Inglis
in DrillorDrop:On optical gas imaging (OGI), the EA said:β€œThe potential use of OGI to determine whole-site emissions would require a detailed campaign to measure all components or functional elements or sampling of components and extrapolation to the whole site. This would lead to high expanded uncertainties in whole-site methane emission rates.”
Lorraine Inglis
Can you provide a response to this please?
James Turitto
Kit Harwood
Thank you so much for this webinar very informative. thank you James!