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Journal Club: Xenotransplantation: How close are we to a human clinical trial? - Shared screen with speaker view
Linda Kajtazi Vandervoort
You’re both doing great! This is so fascinating!
Agron Ismaili
complex transplant issue that gives hope to our patients
ergen muso
Great talk and exciting news. Not sure with that slide of the genomics company saying everyone in transplant stay alive.I wander obviously the dilemma with Muslim patients and pigs …they probably wouldn’t accept such a transplant.
Phil Caushaj
Ergan you bring up great issues of ethics of religion and science- this does not only exist for moslems but for other religions and sects such as the Jehovah witnesses and others- society can choose science or they can choose the manner in which they die!!! We should discuss- I have seen Jevohahs witnesses bleed to death and not accept blood during my 42 year career!! It is always sad!!
Dr Lejla Hyseni
Thank you for this very informative meeting. Has this renal xenotransplantation shed any light on what is there to improve and what is there to hope? Should they look more into personalised approach regarding gene editing for a xenotransplanted kidney to fit in the host? Could also the host receive genomic modulators?
Mario Keko
Thank you for the great Presentation!
Sara Kryeziu
Thank you Aseda and Dr. Kawai for this excellent presentation!
PezPhone 13 Pro X
Amazing work! We’ve come a long way from my days in Dr Cosmi’s lab!
Michael Dedvukaj
Excellent presentation, thank you all!
Indrit Reso
Thanks for a great meeting!