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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Understanding Historical Context of Racial Inequities in Public Education - Shared screen with speaker view
Steven Perry
Lisa Rochford
Moments in Schooling in ALL the emotions. Survival , Thriving The best education experience was at my middle school Philippa Duke Schuyler was amazing b/c of the arts and academic integration.
Tara Bellevue
Thank you for the opportunity to ground the conversation. I believe that I survived my high school experience. It did not affirm my whole being but I had a village that included key educators, church, and Girls Scouts.
Richard Little
I don't think I graduation high school until my second year of teaching! Suddenly it all made sense.
Lisa Rochford
Brooklyn Tech is still highly regarded. Tested to enter
Lisa Rochford
Lots of controversy still
Andie Alban
I personally felt as though I was mostly thriving, except for a few times. It did not necessarily affirm my whole being, but I think it was more about the regional demographic and socio-economic beliefs and systems than about school, though how can one be separated from another. I had a few teachers who I felt really cared about me and “saw” me. The teachers who affirmed me saw my humanity, beneath the veneer of just a student. They saw what I had to give back and were not just looking to get me to pass, but were genuinely interested in helping me do well and be able to give back as i grew older.
Lindy Lapin
I also went to Brooklyn Tech :) It’s a huge school…. it was hard to feel personal connection there, I thought. Sort of lost in the all the noise
Lisa Rochford
@Lapin yep this is why I choose Midwood HS which had its own set of other challenges with their Gifted Programs
Christine Cornell
I also had a counselor tell me I was not college material and that CTE was the best pathway. I was shy and just faded into the background. I am currently a teacher in the very program I was told was best for me so I guess I thrived in that respect
Jean-Rubain G. Dorancy (Zhan-Rhu' bEhn Doe Rahn See)
Seven Crappy Hours Of Oppressive Learning
Laurie Darfler-Sweeney
It's very sad that people could actually think this way.
Brian Sheldon
When was this written?
Tara Bellevue
This is the history that is taught and the scars that many of us live.
Andie Alban
Civil War era? Pre Civil War? Just from the use of “South and “southerners”?
Lisa Magguilli
Embarrassed. Sad. Angry.
Michael Lynch
Horrible, ugly, racist way of seeing....millions of white people still believe this TODAY consciously and/or unconsciouly.
Lisa Rochford
Was some of these facts from the uncommon schools that were set up?
Brian Sheldon
As a social studies teacher, these ideals are taught under the NYSED social studies curriculum, as inappropriate. This is common in US history classes to criticize and point out the wrong doings.
Andie Alban
by using ess specific language it “appears” less pointed, but sharp eyes know it’s the same pernicious attitude
Andie Alban
Brian Sheldon
The language used by NYSED to review assessment results are disappointing at times. As a special education teacher, the word disability is unacceptable. The definition of minority and majority is not needed anymore. What is a minority? Racial and ethnic backgrounds should not be a focus with an equitable, non biased culture. How do we change this? I have seen 40 years of public education, as a student and teacher. Why is this terminology still used?
Lisa Rochford
@Brian YOU said a whole WORD!!! FACTs on FACTS!
Lisa Rochford
Lexicon matters.
Lisa Rochford
Right which affirms, race being a social construct.
Brian Sheldon
There is no minority anymore, pending on how data is gathered by empirical research and common data gathering by online and news stations, for example.
Steven Perry
Steven Perry