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Great Decisions 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Hall
If you have a question for the Q and A, you can type it here at any time and Larry will choose from them.
Matthew Hall
I have one. The politics of space were traditionally very much Soviet v USA. Very much bipolar and state-centric. We seem to be moving away from that, with more states involved, especially China, but also private commercial organizations and their idiosyncratic leaders, like Musk and Bezos, are becoming increasingly active. Is this politically sustainable?
George Hodermarsky
With advances in autonomous vehicle technology, are the benefits of crewed missions still worth the additional costs?
Robert Nutwell
Can you comment on the SpaceX Starship and its potential to contribute to space exploration and exploitation.
Lee Lohman
What are the options to remove space debris.
Rex Holmlin
Is privatization of space the best option for the US space program?
elizabeth waitekus
Can you comment on UFO’s
Lee Lohman
Would you describe the objectives and capabilities of the Webb telescope.
elizabeth waitekus
A friend of a friend who works at Langley said there are satellites that track debris threatening the space station and can destroy it with a laser. True?
Rex Holmlin
You mentioned that the space station would maneuver if debris came within 10 miles. Are ground based radars powerful enough to provide warning to the crews?
Robert Nutwell
Congrats to Hoot on your extraordinary career!