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OWB & Industry Association Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Neil Ferguson, OWB
Gina Bianco
Could you please speak to how this breaks down by region in terms of response rate and ratings? Happy to receive this off line in an email follow up if more work needs to be done to break this down. Thank you!
Justin King
I have to jump to a distributor meeting, sorry to exit early. Thanks to all for joining!
Neil Ferguson, OWB
Tom Danowski
Industry Survey responses = 115. Regionally, they break out this way: 74% Will. Valley, 8% Rogue, 7% Umpqua, 4% Walla Walla
Morgen McLaughlin
Location of first Media Training. Are we proposing online? Lunch and Learn attendees super excited to participate. Info should go out soon to membership. What do you need from me?Reminder we’re meeting with Kelli Matthews tomorrow.Lunch & Learn recap. Overall really great start to series. Julie did a great job organizing. Impressed with how informed attendees were. One attendee with owners who do not follow Covid protocols.I’m meeting with Sarah at OWB this morning to discuss Oregon Wine Month PR/Pour it Forward. I’ll let you know what she says. I will also be talking to her about when she plans to send new AVA wines to media so we can also partake.I have an IPNC follow up media call later this week to discuss where we are with media attendees. I’ll follow up.Working with 1859 Magazine.Status of Ag Overtime talking points?Eager to hear how new PR newsletter in new format is received.Anything on your end?
Morgen McLaughlin
Ignore my chat.
Jessica Mozeico
I am so sorry but my 11:30 is here. Would it be possible to get slides as follow up so we can provide comments? Thank you very much for the transparency and opportunity for input.
Morgen McLaughlin
Kai - can you debrief the consumer marketing campaign?
Tom Danowski
Thank you Jessica. This recording will be available and I can send the link to this detailed budget to your email
Cristina Gonzales
Thanks everyone! Great overview for me. I have to leave now for another meeting. Have a great rest of the day!
Ashley Cates- Travel Medford
Did I miss a line item for digital marketing?
Ashley Cates- Travel Medford
Thats all the time I have. Thanks all.
Stacey Kohler, OWB
Morgen McLaughlin
Will the detailed budget presented today be available online in addition to the summary budget?
Morgen McLaughlin
While regional association / OWB meetings be scheduled throughout the year?
Marie Chambers - OWB
It is posted online, so we’ll send out a link to the posting for you Morgen. And we will also post this recording as well.
Marie Chambers - OWB
Link to Draft Budget posting: https://industry.oregonwine.org/news-and-media/2022-23-oregon-wine-board-budget-proposal/