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Let’s Clear the Air: Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization, and Buildings - Shared screen with speaker view
Emily Wolfe
Just to double-check, can you confirm which states fall under this Midwest data?
Emily Wolfe
No rush lol
Emily Wolfe
In KS, a partner organization led the charge to get organizations to submit feedback regarding their QAP. It was a really great way to see fast change because there were so few hoops to jump through (i.e., passing a bill) and they were pretty open to feedback.
Alison Lindburg - MEEA
That's great to know, Emily, thank you!
Alison Lindburg - MEEA
And regarding your earlier question, the states included on the residential slide were the 13 states in MEEA's region.
Abby Finis
yay, kurt! great work!
Emily Wolfe
Alison, can you talk a little more about the benefit of expedited permits?
Emily Wolfe
Dan, do you have any initial findings/recommendations regarding your decarbonization/affordable housing research?
Emily Wolfe
Thank you both - very helpful. Also, don't feel like you have to answer all my questions first. :)
Emily Wolfe
One more for Kurt and others - obviously we would like the code update cycle to be faster, but how do you address the training and staff issues among municipalities, especially those with lower incomes? In the KC metro areas, some codes departments are at half capacity because of budget cuts, some municipalities don't pay their City staff a livable wage. I guess, how do we make sure not just more affluent communities have the personal do meet these increased EE demands? We have heard from a local building/constructor trades union that while they support greener buildings - there are all these other issues they are facing.
Kurt Schultz (he/him) Saint Paul
Regarding affordability at the Highland Bridge/Ford Site, here is the information: The Highland Bridge Master Plan requires 20% of all housing units to be affordable, with a mix of rental and owner-occupied housing options. At final build out, Highland Bridge will include approximately 763 new units affordable to households earning 60% or less of Area Median Income (AMI), with half of these affordable to extremely low-income households earning 30% or less of AMI.
Emily Wolfe
Will do. Thank you!
Emily Wolfe
Thank you!
Matt Belcher
One of the local Utilities helped start our Green Program in STL area in 2007. It helped get it launched and promoted through their existing marketing outlets. It made it much easier for everyone to take steps to be a part of the program. It was definitely a win-win!