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Building Energy Policy and Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
Marcella Bondie
Great presentation, Laura. I'd like to circulate the slides and recording to my colleagues.
Mike Turns
As Laura noted, most of these ideas have to do with Programs, not energy codes, and the scope of energy codes does not include proactively improving energy efficiency in existing homes. I would love to understand how energy code development and compliance support activities can support under-resourced communities. Does anyone have any ideas?
Mike Turns
...maybe Heidi will answer this. :-)
Alison Lindburg
Great presentation, Laura!
Charlie Espedido
Woah, Laura!
Charlie Espedido
Marcella Bondie
For non-CA folks like me, ESJ = EJ
Laura Goldberg, she/her, NRDC
Thank you all! Marcella, I believe slides will be distributed. But feel free to email me and I can send to you directly too - lgoldberg@nrdc.org. Mike, a great question. Yes, Heidi's presentation should help with this. But I also have some thoughts if you'd like to raise in Q&A. Look forward to more discussion on all of this.
Emily Wolfe
I love this slide! We see this far too often in the KC metro area.
Emily Wolfe
And across KS and MO - MANY rural communities don't even have an energy code adopted.
Alison Lindburg
The cost-effectiveness piece of codes is crucial. Those conversations are happening at the 2024 IECC Development process as we speak. How can we shift the idea of cost-effectiveness away from just the first cost of the building trades and onto the occupant impacts?
Edith Makra
I missed what the acronyms ESJ stands for. Didn’t Laura say we should avoid confusing acronyms ;-)
Chase Macpherson
Environmental and social justice!
Edith Makra
Thanks. I’ve seen EJ used more commonly.
Alison Lindburg
Great questions, Heidi - I'm interested in learning more about those specific code-related ESJ items too. The next session is on off-site/manufactured housing, so be sure to attend if you can!
Brittanie Giroux
I'm interested in how you all set up the help desk support for benchmarking in Chicago
Heidi Werner
I have also followed organizations on social media just to nudge a little closer to their world and gain exposure.
Emily Wolfe
Good reminder about going to others meetings, events, etc. Althea Moses with EPA Region 7 says, "Don't expect people to show up to your party, if you don't show up for theirs."
Brittanie Giroux
Yes, I think so! I would love to continue the conversation on this as our organization is doing something similar for KC
Mike Turns
financing tools?
Alison Lindburg
FYI - My understanding is that the 2024 IECC development process is currently defining the methodology of cost-effectiveness right now, so they could probably use some of this information! :) Thanks!
Mike Turns
financing tools like energy efficient mortgages
Alison Lindburg
Great session! Thank you!!
Heidi Werner
Representation at the IECC is so important. IECC is the model code for statewide code (where adopted), so we need representation there!