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Faith Lutheran Worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Misi French
Please do not post on social media
Misi French
Please do not reach out to Pastor Shannyn at this time. All information will come from the Bishops office
Misi French
The celebration for Vicar Pam is postponed
Faith Lutheran
His email is dfosterkoth@gmail.com
Faith Lutheran
My name is Tiffany and I am your remote host today for church. Please reach out if you have issues during worship. Thankful for each of you in our community.
Faith Lutheran
For those joining late, Jeremy was hiking in Colorado and is missing. Search and rescue is out looking for him. Pastor Shannyn flew to Colorado. See your email for information.Please do not post on social media.Please do not reach out to Pastor Shannyn at this time.All info will come through the Bishops office. The celebration for Vicar Pam is postponed.
Peter VanderWeyst
What happened to Pastor Jeremy?
Faith Lutheran
Peter I’ll message you
Estelle Morley
AMEN! Fantastic sermon! Exactly the words we need to hear. Thank you, Pastor Yee for ministering to us today so beautifully.
Wendelin (she/her)
Thank you for your kind words and lovely sermon today Pastor Yee.