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The Association's Mid-Atlantic Members Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Cunningham, The Association
Hi Shelly. Thanks for being with us today!
Laura Baker
Not getting in weeds with board
Mark Neff
Goals not aligning with real life
Jen Brause
The plan sounds good at a time, but priorities change quickly
Reasa Currier, Humane Rescue Alliance
Who should be involved and at what stages
Laura Baker
Unrealistic expectations
Kelly Cunningham, The Association
The time crunch - only two days to determine the course of 3 years
Kimberly Laska - Heritage Humane Society
What is the general price range for having a strategic plan consultant firm?
Kelly Cunningham, The Association
Shelly - were the peer interviews conducted with peers across the country or did you focus on peers within your region? And did these include exclusively animal welfare professionals or were community partners included?
Mark Neff
The agency I am with did a planning 4 years ago for a 5 year plan - handled in house w/board and ED - 4 years in goals have not been achieved - many components of a true Strategic Plan were absent..
Mark Neff
Given you have just completed a 3 year plan - at what point would you begin the next round of planning? How far into the existing plan?
Betsy McFarland
Great discussion! If anyone would like to chat further, please feel free to reach out to Laura or me at Adisa: laura@adisagroup.com, betsy@adisagroup.com, www.adisagroup.com. Thank you all for all you do!
Ellen Taylor
Thank you Laura and Shelly... and Betsy!!
Kelly Cunningham, The Association
Thank you to our Regional Representatives for organizing this meeting, and for Laura and Shelly for presenting. And great to see you again Betsy. And, as always, its a pleasure to see our members