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Great Decisions 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Hall
Let's get those questions going!
Ashlon Delasbour
Hello I’m Ashlon Delasbour a 4th Year in the 5 Year MBA Program at Hampton University.My question is:Socioeconomic disadvantages alone may not fully account for why Black mothers and their infants face such a disparity in adverse maternal and infant health outcomes in the U.S. What might you say is the primary risk for African American mothers and their infants experiencing health disparities in the U.S.?
Ferryn Diggs
Good morning, with the possible removal of Roe v. Wade, how do you think it will affect birth rates and women’s health?
Robert Bennett
Hello, how can the acknowledgement of vulnerability in the world be beneficial to not only economies, but also when dealing with the problem of climate. What does this acknowledgement look like?
Aaron Karp
You covered this on climate change. Can you also link up demographics and global adjustment? Discussions of population decline seem to focsu on rich countries, how they adjust. How will middle and low income countries be affected? I’m especially interested in the impact on Caribbean nations. What does decline mean for less wealthy places?
Madison Grant
Greetings! My name is Madison Grant. I am a third year, 5 Year MBA major at Hampton University. How soon do you believe that the worst of climate change will come, and will it drastically affect the population?
dominique hunt
Hi! How will measures to cut carbon emissions affect our life in terms of cost? Will the remedies to climate change be worse than the disease? Will it drive more people into poverty with higher costs?
Francisco Coronel
Suggestions for Transportation models?
Joshua White
Hello, how can the advancement of technology become beneficial when it comes to bringing about awareness and change geared towards climate change?
Francisco Coronel
Suggestions for Ideal Size of a City?
Nyle Nwainokpor
Hello! My name is Nyle Nwainokpor and I am a 3rd year in the 5 year MBA program at Hampton University. I was wondering if the switch to a more virtual setting has made a noticeable impact on reducing the carbon footprint in terms of transportation. People are now working from home and will continue to do so. Will this make a difference?
Rex Holmlin
Is there an introductory text or survey article on demographics and national security that you would suggest?
Julio Felix
Good afternoon, one of the things you mentioned in response to global warming is to use beef instead of chicken. My question is since the sea level is expected to rise in the next few years as you stated, do you believe that using underwater turbines and green hydrogen might be a good avenue to reduce the C02 in the atmosphere??
Alerie Stallings
Can you speak to migration policy and mismatch between need for workers and support for growth/support for elderly?
Matthew Hall
Thanks for the questions everybody!!!
Aaron Karp
Thanks, Nicole.
Ashlon Delasbour
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Nyle Nwainokpor
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Robert Bennett
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Laura Woods
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Raichelle Smith
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Francisco Coronel
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