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BC First Nations Emergency Management Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Darryl Adrian
Good Morning, happy to be here today.
Natasha Callbreath Tahltan (Iskut EMC)
Chacholoine Hotie , Good morning everyone
Kayla Pepper
Good morning Darryl and everyone, also happy to be here. Gratefully joining for Tk'emlups te Secwepemc territories.
Shane Wardrobe, EPC Tk'emlups te Secwepemc
Good morning Kayla.
Shane Wardrobe, EPC Tk'emlups te Secwepemc
Good morning everyone, and happy to be here today as well!
Councillor Brad Arnouse Neskonlith
good morning
Dan George - FDMS
we may turn David’s camera off due to unstable internet
Stephanie Rocheleau
be right back
Dan George - FDMS
please use chat column should you have any questions for Dr. Suzuki
Dan George - FDMS
Erik Blaney-Tla'amin Nation
Dr.Suzuki: How do we scale the Climate Emergencies to fit within our Emergency Plans? What models should be used and are there any examples? Recovery and Building Back Better or More Resilient will be key I figure
Johnathan Alec Tsay Keh Dene Nation
Char Etzerza EMBC (Tahltan)
Meduh!Thank you!
Natasha Callbreath Tahltan (Iskut EMC)
Meduh , Thank you Mr Suzuki
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
Can you give us some examples of Biodiversity Laws ?
Irene Mills EMBC
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
Clarify Ecosystem Based Management ?
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Dr. Suzuki,Are you a supporter of cultural burning as a way to manage forest fuels, and if so, do you have any language or tips that you have come across which settler government officials/working groups will listen to, and be more supportive of?
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
what are your thoughts on Water Stewardship Plans ?
Pamela Johnson Wuikinuxv FN
thank you Dr. Suzuki.
Stephanie Rocheleau McLeod Lake Indian Band
Thank you Dr Suzuki
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
Thank You for all your Wise Thoughts Dr.David Suzuki
Jordi Nickolet - Tsawwassen First Nation
The things we value (family, culture, relationships) the most are not valued in the economic system so that when we make decisions these values are not included or even considered.
Tori Verkaik Skeetchestn Natural Resources
Thank you Dr. Suzuki
Susanne Weber- EMBC Northeast
Thank you for the inspirational messages and passion you bring to this work Dr Suzuki. I am with you.
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Thank you Dr. Suzuki.
Councillor Brad Arnouse Neskonlith
kukcstemc Dr. David Suzuki
Pamela Johnson Wuikinuxv FN
can here the passion behind what he saying.
Mary Crocker CRCS
Thank you Dr. Suzuki!
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Thank you ve4ry much Dr Suzuki, that was great
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
Thank you Dr Suzuki O'Siem for sharing
John Somogyi-Csizmazia Semiahmoo First Nation
my apologies to everyone I have to go to another zoom meeting but will be back in 45 minutes
Dan George - FDMS
Questions for TC Tyrone?
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Tyrone. Our Community, Nadleh Whut’en First Nation was invited by the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako “to participate” in the completion of HRVA’s in our region. Our leaders decided to decline the invitation to participate and proposed to “partner” with the RDBN.
Erik Blaney-Tla'amin Nation
I see the Digital EOC through Lightship being a way of the future. Ability to tap into EOC professionals who can help manage the emergency from anywhere needs to be investigated and sorted. Tabletops via lightship can be used as training tools going forward
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Capacity is not only about specific knowledge that helps to respond to emergencies; most importantly, traditional ecological knowledge is a capacity that we need to share with our neighbouring jurisdictions. To do so, we need the resources to participate not as members but as leaders in emergency management.
Chief Maureen Chapman Skawahlook First Nation
Thanks, Tyrone - key point in this process is to continue meeting throughout the winter months to prepare for next season. We are all in this together and we all need to be at the respective tables to provide our leadership.
Cheryl Casimer First Nations Summit
In light of the urgency we just heard from Dr. Suzuki, does this framework allow for addressing the climate emergency in a substantive way that will allow us to make real change/progress on the climate crisis?
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
I should have mentioned the monthly town halls hosted by FNLC going forward will be opportunities to contribute/participate.
Wendy Rogers (ISC)
Hi Chief Spahan. There are several people from ISC on the call, including people from our Headquarters and other regions.
With the emergency program act being changed for FN next year what input is desired for legislation?
dave peterson - EMBC
The province is definitely also listening. I think TC McNeil has presented a really well thought out vision for moving forward. I really look forward to working on this through the Tri-partite Working group.
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Tyrone: Considering the pivotal effect of climate change upon Emergency Management practitioners, have our TEMWG invited Environment Canada representatives to our table?
Allyson Rowe ISC
Thank you so much Tyrone for presenting. Looking forward to moving forward through the Tripartite Working Group.
Amy Hendrickson-Chawathil FN
I just like to say thank you to the presenters. climate change has brought so much issues and the province has not changed even knowing the problems being said. I would like to see more youth involvement, they will be here in the future and they will need to be prepared for the drastic changes that are estimated in their adulthood. covid has also slowed the progress of planning, we are losing more elders and need their input as well. I hope we can all work together to achieve our goals.
Debbie Abbott Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal council
Should that be January/February 2022
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
I believe this is from this past season
Erica Louie - Osoyoos Indian Band
thank you for the information provided in this zoom meeting. appreciate all the help and support. greatly appreciated
Erica Louie - Osoyoos Indian Band
I have another meeting
Amy Hendrickson-Chawathil FN
yet again a disconnect from provincial regulations. this is horrible as many nations have roads going through the nation and many fires have been set due to vehicles!
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
SPU systems can be lent out to neighbours as well if they aren’t being used. They are very key for structure protection
Debbie Abbott Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal council
Where can you find the SPU Units?
Colleen Marchand Okanagan Indian Band
One of the concerns with SPU is the criteria used to determine where sprinklers and other equipment is placed this criteria resulted in several OKIB homes not getting sprinklers and being lost to the fire
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Colleen, that is concerning and I agree that forms of triage can be unfortunate for some. However owning the SPU trailer(s) will help the control over where they’re deployed. It is an expensive entry, but definitely has its benefits
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
We are now looking to protect the forest in general, to help the wildlife, and the BCZ... We have RPF's and planning has begun, get on board and work with us rather than bog us down with Office Policy
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
Is there a process or discussions in place where BCWS recognizes FN communities as true partners in response? We are here and want to support.
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
the first responders should move to fuel load reduction and other works post wildfire season
Tori Verkaik Skeetchestn Natural Resources
Fire being brought back on to the landscape is critical, however I've been hearing from many people that we should have put these summer fires out as quickly as possible. How do we balance the need for fire and the need to protect communities, infrastructure etc
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Brenden,Is this a cloud-based system, or unique to each user?
Teri Kish Old Massett Village Council
Brenden how do we reach out your department?
Cecile Brass - FNLC
FNESS (250)377-7600 or www.fness.bc.ca
David Lawrence Nooaoitch Indian Band
when FNESS says first nations sign on you mean viewing not input ? is there a cost and how do you address access and management of data ?
Hi Nick, Lightship is a Software as a Service that is accessible via your web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. FNESS Provides licenses and access to those who need it, and we manage the data, but first nations across the province maintain ownership, access, and control of their own data. - Nathan Wisla, GIS Data manager
vic upshaw BCWS
ow current is this map? is updated once a year or would you say it is maintained and current throught the year?
Jordi Nickolet - Tsawwassen First Nation
What is used to capture, edit and analyze the data which is then viewed or accessed by Lightship?
All first nations have access to this tool for free, and we distribute access
These maps are updated throughout the year. We use open data, in addition to sources such as collectors who provide us with data, and we upload it to the tool
David Lawrence Nooaoitch Indian Band
one issue that came up big is backup generators for community water systems to have water for fire protection . if not pumps are pulling out of creeks which might be in extreme low flow
Madeline Maley EMBC
i have to leave for another meeting. Excellent presentations
Cecile Brass - FNLC
We will be hosting a Lightship focused session in the near future. This presentation is an overview of this powerful tool for First Nations EM planning, but can do so much more.
Lennard Joe Nlaka’pamux Health
If a First Nation does some work on the ground, say Fire smarting around houses, can the First Nation update the Lightship database or does the First Nation pass the information on to FNESS to update?
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
one thing we will have to come to grips with is when Lighship starts identifying traditional territories. Having traditional territories on the maps is important but there are so many overlaps.....
Chief Maureen Chapman Skawahlook First Nation
Thanks, Cecile. I would like to include our Lands Department in the session.
Work on the ground is updated at the field collection level. It gets uploaded directly
(provided that you use the tool to collect the data, of course)
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
i didn't see it in this presentation but a neat function of Lightship is to record data over time so you can go back no each year and look at data sets
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
thank you for asking the questions Kukpi7
Chief Maureen Chapman Skawahlook First Nation
Amazing work, Brenden. Thank you.
Cecile Brass - FNLC
This tool will position First Nations to lead EM. There is no tool at government level that is this efficient or with such complete data.
Genevieve Fox BC Gov
Reminder to send EAFs to PREOC Operations :)
Our goal is to have all relevant data in one convenient place to streamline the process of EM for first nations :)
Carrie Nash Binche Whut'en
I agree with Chief Lee Spahan to expand on further funding
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
ISC always passes the Buck and the Prov. has so much red tape...
Justin Kane
a coordinated system to find volunteers to come and tag off a community who is on EOC - BCWFS does a change over every 14 days and as a FN community it would be nice to have a list of names of folks who are willing to come in and do a week or so to give some of our EOC team a rest
Lillie Johnson: EOC Esketemc
We not only need recovery to the people we need to recovery the land after the fire!
Tia Hook High Bar FN
I believe I read that FNESS would offer training on the use of Lightship to the communities. What does that training format look like? Would it offer training on uploading into the database from the fieldwork level as well?
Shannon Alfred Namgis FN
Is there FNESS representatives located on Vancouver Island or where is the nearest FNESS office to provide training to Vancouver Island?
Hi Tia, It would absolutely include training on all aspects of Lightship relevant to uploading information! Reach out to bmercer@fness.bc.ca to schedule training
Tia Hook High Bar FN
Thank you Brenden, I will be in touch.
We would offer training online over zoom, and potentially have trainers come out on-site as well if required.
Georgia Cook Namgis First Nation
Hi we are on an island so fire is one of our emergency concerns; is there training available to form a Fire fighting team. We have a small volunteer team and when we had a fire of two homes a few tears ago had to wait for other fire fighters from Port McNeill and Sointula. Second I would as the Emergency Committee to consider Heating and Cooling centres for all communities. We had one fatality during the summer heat wave and applied for cooling units however by the time we sent our request we were denied as we were no longer considered in a Heat Wave. Heating centres in fall and winter as with the wind storms our power goes out regularly. We have managed in patchwork way however they are more frequent now. Thanks and appreciate this forum.
Shane Wardrobe, EPC Tk'emlups te Secwepemc
I must leave the meeting for today.
pamela johnson
I really hope this process will streamline and reduce the hoops FN EM have to jump through as FNESS have promised it will. Gianakaci for this information today.
Shane Wardrobe, EPC Tk'emlups te Secwepemc
Keep up the good work FNESS!!
Natasha Callbreath Tahltan (Iskut EMC)
Thank you Donna, we have received the Economic recovery fund here in Iskut, I applied for in spring . We are Firesmarting our Critical infrastructure, our Elders homes , water plant, BC Hydro plant etc. Next on my list is educating people on Firesmarting their homes. Thank you for bringing up how important it is to take care of our homes , and how important it is
Natasha Callbreath Tahltan (Iskut EMC)
to Fire smart our houses. MEduh
Councillor Brad Arnouse Neskonlith
yes thanks to Erik and his team for helping Neskonlith and alleviating any stress felt by our band members and assessing our reserve kukcstemc
Jameson Mailloux EMBC
I can help communities ensure their emergency contact numbers are up to date. Please reach out, I would love to work with you:Jameson.Mailloux@gov.bc.ca778-974-2381
Carrie Nash Binche Whut'en
Thank you Jameson
Natasha Callbreath Tahltan (Iskut EMC)
I need to update our emergency plans, as they are outdated. If you can direct me or suggest someone who can assist our community that would be great. Thank you for the information ! WIll help me get our emergency response plan in place and what to think of.
Jameson Mailloux EMBC
Hi Natasha, I can definitely help Tahltan Nation with that :)
pamela johnson
will these slides be sent to us or available to us?
Kelly Mortimer
Yes, the slides will be made available following the forum
pamela johnson
Thank you
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
O'Siem Erik, you took the words right out of my thoughts and mouth thank you for address all that you shared, still look forward in you visit
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
Erik, very well done. Great presentation
Councillor Brad Arnouse Neskonlith
kukcstemc Erik
Barbra Tom Cheslatta Carrier Nation
great presentations - thanks
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
Provincial and ISC support for the FN communities, we have many homes that do not have access to WIFI if at all phone lines. Provide support for the FN Coms
pamela johnson
amazing work you have compiled. great presentation Gianakaci
Kayla Pepper - EMBC
Huge thank you to FNESS for the presentations this morning! There's a lot of really great work happening; looking forward to continuing to work with you all.
Councillor Brad Arnouse Neskonlith
had to wold my lunch down just absorbing it
Char Etzerza EMBC (Tahltan)
Never enough coffee
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
given the severity of wildfires this year, there could be a special session on EM at the Chiefs/BC Cabinet Meet Nov 30-Dec 1
Susan Anderson Behn Semiahmoo
should be a major topic there
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
co-development is important but by itself does not meet intent of articles 19, 29 and 32 when it comes to EM. more attention needs to be paid to attaining FPIC
Juan Cereño EOC Director, Nadleh
Honourable Minister Farmworth: Following the Chief Chapman and former Minister Abbott’s report, our community (Nadleh Whut’en First Nation) started the planning process to establish a Regional Centre of Excellence in Emergency Management in Northern BC. We heard that the current legislation does not allow for the establishment of these centres. Would the new legislation allow for the re-envisioning and restructuring of EM in our province? Is BC committed to follow the Strategic change #2 as proposed in the Chapman and Abbott report? Thank you
Lillie Johnson Esketemc
I would be interested in finding a alert system that we can use in our community with our EOC.
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
thank you minister Farmwoth
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
RECOMMENDATION: to thFNLC, that a Special Session on Emergency management at the Chief's/BC Cabinet meeting on Nov 30th - Dec 01st
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
I reiterate on that request as well for alert system. I've researched and requested quote from several providers and we just don't have budget for purchase and the yearly fee's, very costly.
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
its a very fine line tying the hands of participants having to sign NDAs and their ability to effectively inform and seek direction from Chiefs. with DRIPA there needs to be a new way of engaging that is more open and transparent
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
hands up OS'iem
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
when we co-developed a memo to cabinet with ISC, the title was removed from the document so we established a negotiating TOR endorsed by Chiefs to undertake the work. this worked fairly well at the federal level. there are provincial processes that are normally secretive that this process should shed a bit more light on to ensure the co-development gets inside doors that used to be closed to us.
Dan George - FDMS
questions from leaders for panelists?
Chief Lee Spahan, Coldwater Band
question for Bryan, who with other ministries have you had engagement with ? and what was productive/commitments in those engagements sessions ?
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
how does DM Tara determine what is adequate capacity, both financial and FN, for FN to participate as the Minister described?
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
to Nick/Merle, is this an opportunity to look at Sec 91/92 authorities to create the appropriate space for FN jurisdiction/control/participation?
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
Not everyone is part of a Trible Council
Jaime Sanchez BCAFN
Suggest a separate session on EPA with Chiefs
Tara Richards
Yes will take forward to request to the Minister for government to government discussions and the priority that they happen
Casey L-Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council
Yesterday there was mention of the 12 Emergency Planning Coordinator (EPC) positions funded by ISC in BC that serve 110 communities (including a few more being funded soon). My position is one of them at Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council. Perhaps one suggestion is to utilize the EPC network so that we can help link and promote engagement w/ the Nations that we serve (I work for 14 Nations)?
John Somogyi-Csizmazia
My apologies as I have to head out another meeting . Thank you much for bring this together and seeing so many people participating :)
Bryan Williams EMBC
Response to Simogyet Spahan: EMBC has connected with all provincial ministries, with a focus on those responsible for hazards. Discussions are primarily about clarifying their roles vis-a-vis EMBC and strengthening their work on hazard risk assessments, EM planning, response and recovery.
Owen Bloor Doig River First Nation
I also have to run as I have a 2pm meeting Thanks for putting this together
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
the EPA modernization needs to be hard wired to the tripartite work FNs will be doing moving from the current bilateral agreement to a tripartite relation fully in line with C15 and DRIPA.
Susanne Weber- EMBC Northeast
my apologies, I must leave to a community recovery meeting - mussi to all engaged here
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
Nick/Merle, how might we build in the process the need for the changes going forward ensure leadership is achieving FPIC internally? with adequate capacity, which is currently lacking, most communities don't have the capacity to give leadership a concise mandate on EM
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
for example, if we co-developed policy and regulation in advance of the required legislation, it would be easier to achieve than the other way round
Genevieve Fox BC Gov
Would be amazing to see an EPC in every community, or, where it would be functional, at the Tribal Council or Nation Alliance level
Brian Moore-Tsilhqot'in NG
Totally agree, Viv; and I was very saddened to see only 4 additional EPCs have been budgeted by ISC...
Char Etzerza EMBC (Tahltan)
Speaking my language Viv and Brian.
Genevieve Fox BC Gov
Having one dedicated contact 24/7 in that paid role would address a lot of coordination challenges
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
when EMBC engages stakeholders such as FLNRORD, FN need to be there as well as forest practices need to change in the context of size of cuts, protection of waterways and replanting trees for a healthier forest. think of this in line with Article 29 & 32. that stakeholder engagement by EMBC must be fully inline with DRIPA
Krista Perrault Stz'umis FN
notes to add to the emergency list food security, water concerns and issues, over crowded homes - homelessness, mental wellness, for staff and community, the protection of our traditional areas and practices, our youth resources. Our education for our children and students - college, and university will be effected for the next 3-5- 10 yrs due to covid-19. parents are still unsure of sending our children to school - will also be long term impacts
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
we have been raising powerful ideas and raising concerns for years with too little action/response by BC. Hopefully the MOU and this process change that...
vic upshaw BCWS
Thank you to everyone for the last two days work and discussions. I have to leave for another engaement. Thank you for inviting me into the conversations.
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
Thank You Merle, FN have been in emergency mode from first declaration, Royal Proclamation.
Kelly Mortimer
What is the most important change you would like to see as a result of EPA modernization?
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
EPA alignment with DRIPA & C15 is so much stronger than EPA modernization
Kelly Mortimer
What advice would you give the co-development team?
Heidi Dunstan - Tech - FDMS
1) What is the most important change you would like to see as a result of EPA modernization?2) What advice would you give the co-development team?
Irene Mills EMBC
Haaw'a everyone for the great discussion
pamela johnson
consultation with every single first nation, or atleast attempt to. a paid EPC postion for each FN community.
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
1. Paid EPC to oversee the mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.
Michelle Jacobs EPC for Upper Similkameen Indian Band
Full time paid/funded EPC position for each FN. Emergency management is so important, and not allowed the time it is due.
Allyson Rowe ISC
Hi Kukpi7 Robbins...ISC will reach out to you about comprehensive community plans, other planning that you mentioned.
Georgia Cook Namgis First Nation
Legislated resources as this is a legislative responsibility. I agree FN live in a state of emergency most of their lives, equal partnership with equal resources and catch up resources as "we are so behind we sometimes think we are winning."
Jordi Nickolet - Tsawwassen First Nation
Going from emergency management to community resiliency.
Nick Mauro, Multi-Hazard Manager, Yukon First Nations Wildfire
2. What advice would you give the co-development team?I would suggest remembering what the namesake of the team is. ‘Co’ as a partnership, not one leading the other or ‘allowing’ the other. Just like the climate, these emergencies don’t discriminate. We all live under the same sun, and your emergency will become my emergency sooner rather than later.If it’s a co-development team, make sure it’s just that… a team.
Allyson Rowe ISC
Kukpi7 Robbins...as well as the housing and water issues that you have raised.
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
2. Jurisdictional rights within territories for recovery activities, and not just be consulted out of technicality for certain industries. 3. A better understanding of FN peoples needs from the province when responding to an emergency (EAF requests). 4. Traditional practices be included in the EPA and the supports for communities to capture this information. 5. Knowledge Keepers be included as key assets for emergency response and compensated. 6. Traditional Assets be included as a recovery cost.
pamela johnson
Thank you everyone. amazing forum, so happy I was able to be here.
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
I forgot to mention the impact from the SARA, moose deer and all wildlife are being impacted, which impacts the rights to the FN and food security.
Andrea Stelter ISLBB
7. Definitions "Jurisdictional area" to reflect FN rights and titles, and traditional boundaries.
Char Etzerza EMBC (Tahltan)
Kukpi7 Fred Robbins Esk'etemc
Zone by zone and nation by nation, this needs to continue, with real timeframes.
Cecile Brass - FNLC
I can be reached at cbrass@fns.bc.ca (604)314-8228 (FNLC EM MOU Coordinator)
Regional Chief Terry Teegee
Premier needs to live up to his commitment to address the issues of wildfires 12 months of the year, not just during fire season!
Tyrone McNeil, STC, TEMWG
thanks everyone. stay safe and take care
Irene Mills EMBC
Haaw'a Dan and team for the facilitation and technical support