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ASTRA Knowledge Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Wilson
How much per hour is everyone paying?
Felicity Stevens
Hi Pete sorry can I get your percentages re who you are getting bookings from … 27% airbnb and 17% booking.com and VRbo but who was your biggest source centre?
Rebecca Cribbin
felicity -its direct bookings
Felicity Stevens
many thanks.
Felicity Stevens
Loe to hear about your experience re linen hire vs owning and adding in the cleaning costs to the booking or keeping the costs in the price. Thank you
Tim Mortimer | BNB Made Easy
Pete, is that damage waiver calculated as a percentage of the booking or fixed amount per property?
Catherine Wilson
Thank you very much for this experience. It was been worth the time. Suggestion for the next one: pre check in information to guests, managing poorly behaved guests, the consequences for guests under the new code. Many thanks