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Yorkshire Funders Online Workshop - Reviewing your grant making - Shared screen with speaker view
David Warner
For those of you that I’ve not met, I’m David. Formerly of London Funders until 2017 before movingto North Yorkshire. I’m currently doing some work with Yorkshire Funders and Two Ridings, and I’m Chair of Local Trust. Please do contribute and make use of the chat facility
Jason Taylor
Hi all - I'm struggling with sound and video - Jason from One Community.
Jenny Whitemore TNL Community Fund
Hello I'm Jenny Whitemore - Funding Officer in the Yorkshire & Humber team at The National Lottery Community Fund.
Jason Taylor
Also please can everyone listening please mute your mic as it's feeding back!
Emily Murphy (MACS)
Hi Everyone, a little late due to a timely delivery. I'm Emily from MACS - a small national charity that supports children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes - lots of members in Yorkshire (from Yorkshire myself)
Carla Marshall
Thanks for joining everyone. I will post all the slides and the recording on the Resources page of www.yorkshirefunders.org.uk right after the session
Julie Dearing Healthwatch East Riding
Hi everyone, ignore the name; I'm Gareth from Hull CVS. I've recently joined Hull CVS from Healthwatch to focus on developing innovation within the sector and one of these innovations is reviewing and revitalising how we manage and deliver local grants.
Danni Calderdale
Hi Everyone. I'm Danni Grants Officer from Community Foundation for Calderdale. Rob Billson is not able to attend so I am listening in as I cant get my camera to work 😒
Nick Middleton
Morning Everyone, Nick Middleton from HEY Smile Foundation.
Hazel and Kath, SYCF
Hi Its Hazel and Kath from SYCF
Carla Marshall
We still only fund registered charities and my trustees aren't keen on supporting CICs, but I know we need to soon. How much longer does it take to assess a CIC compared with a charity and what other checks do you do?
Ruth Ralph - York CVS
Hi everyone, I'm Ruth from York CVS. I'm the Project Support Officer for Ways to Wellbeing - where we have a Small Grant Fund. I'm new to role as the Grants Coordinator for York CVS - York CVS are also involved in partnership work to deliver a new VCSE Alliance Grant scheme to Improve Community Mental Health support across York. Nice to meet everyone.
Ruth Ralph - York CVS
Do you have a framework for funding individuals? Thanks Ruth
David Warner
SoNo heckling then Carla…………!
David Warner
I’ll be opening up the conversation at the end of the presentations and we would be really interested in hearing if any of you are thinking of changing and if so why and how?
Danni Calderdale
Sorry gotta leave now. Thanks everyone Having problems with connection
Nick Middleton
Happy to talk about change within our I AM Fund (supporting children and young people within performance arts)
Julie Dearing Healthwatch East Riding
Happy to talk about Hull CVS and essentially our review and redesign process
Carla Marshall
Thank you David and thank you all for coming.
Chloe Tanner - BBC Children in Need
Apologies I was on an earlier meeting, sounds like some really interesting conversations, would be great to listen back to the recording, Carla
Jason Taylor