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NYSCC Quarterly Member Meeting Series (2/4) - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Ryan
Not sure why, my registration comes as Ryan Ryan and it is Martha Ryan ☺️
Suzanne Kuon
Thanks Martha! Welcome
Karen Schmitt
Are the panelists sites using lay Patient Navigators to address disparities. If so, how?
Cindy Borassi
I'm also curious as to how they handle having conversations with multiple languages in the facilities and on the Mammo Bus.
Annmarie Mulhern-Flannery
Your focus on the patient who needed interpretation is so valuable Dr. Jones, you really built trust. What a wonderful role model!
Whitney Mendel
We often refer to communities as having trust issues rather than we, as health care organization/providers, having issues of trustworthiness. I appreciate the efforts you are describing in working on our trustworthiness to help promote trust among the people we serve
Cindy Borassi
Great point @ Whitney Mendel!
Melissa Hurt
Isn’t there also an issue with patient's need for childcare to make these appointments? Or income disparity issues; ie., patients in low-paying jobs who cannot afford to miss work?
Coleman Joyce Genentech
Respectfully, how are we partnering with industry to increase screening, build trust and address language barriers with industry provided or requested resources?
Iskra Bonanno
Have we identified preventative priorities for the awareness messaging? Pushing early testing? General cancer awareness? Healthy lifestyle promotion (this is a big one)?
Melissa Hurt
@iskra I totally had the same thought!!
Christy Simoncelli
I think from the 500 foot view, reimbursement is essential to consider. Health plans are driven by HEDIS and HEDIS doesn't address issues that are critical to changing disparities. There needs to be conversations that help alter that policy.
Elizabeth Bouchard
Wonderful discussion, thank you to the panel! Do the the panelists have any suggestions for key priorities we may come together as a consortium to advance?
Iskra Bonanno
@Christy- Agree with reimbursement- health plans need to cover prevention/adjunct care meant to help improve outcomes, such as diet/healthy meals or exercise. Not all plans cover this and medicare/Medicaid do not. There is pending legislation on this for a pilot program but it will only benefit a handful of hospitals.
Karen Schmitt
For Laurene - are you using CBP?
Heather Dacus
Are any of your organizations specifically talking about racial justice or anti-racism topics, among staff or otherwise?
Iskra Bonanno
Thank you!
Cindy Borassi
Thank you for the wonderful panel and discussion!
Jay Musella, LMSW (They/He)
I have to hop off. Thank you everyone for a great discussion!
Coleman Joyce Genentech
Thank you for answering my question. Please consider industry partners for our unbranded screening resources, we can help and have recent example of creating resources in different languages upon request to address disparities.
Luis Abramson
Look into Bill S9258 - which is still in committee- regards to more free screening in NYS.
Luis Abramson
As a founder of an organization I believe going to the community is key. Black men need outreach.
Iskra Bonanno
Agree with community outreach- people need to know what services are available.
Jacqueline Xouris
NYP opened the new Dalio Center for Health Justice in October of 2020 with the goal of understanding and addressing the root causes of health inequities. This center invests in research, education of staff, advocates for policy change,, and its goal is to drive measurable improvements in health outcomes for all.
Heather Dacus
AMAZING!! You all brought forward great compelling input to these important topics!
Darryl Somayaji
Thank you for a wonderful and informative conference!!
Suzanne Kuon
Great discussion, thank you!
Jacqueline Xouris
Great discussion! Thank you all.
Christy Simoncelli
Thank you to all the panelists for their great work and for everyone for this graeat discussion!
Luis Abramson
Thank you for your time and engagement!
Ryan Ryan
Thank you, for everyone's expertise. Looking forward to the next meetings
Shari Curry
Very informative discussion. Thank you to the panel!
Annmarie Mulhern-Flannery
Thank you to all the panelists!
Deborah Erwin
Thank you!