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Savvy International Travel for Business and Pleasure - Shared screen with speaker view
Nadia Marie Roumanos
Need to run, but thank you
Lori Odom
we will send the recording and slides out in the next few days.
Lori Odom
CDC guidance says - If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel). Have you or any of your corporate travel clients used this instead of the PCR test to enter US?
Alan Zemsky
I had heard that England will soon be open to everyone who is vaccinated with no additional testing or quarantining requirements.upon arrival. What is expected though on the return trip back to USA- PCR tests or covid test- etc?
Lori Odom
From CDC website - If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
Debbie McGraw
If you get Covid while abroad, what is the U.S. requirement for quanrantine? Lots of vaccinated folks are testing positive these days.
Jack Gaur
Do you see a vaccine passport a mandate soon as few countries are testing it now?
Alan Zemsky
Great presentation!! Very helpful and lots of useful information too.
Lori Odom
Thank you Alan. We will send a recording and slides in the next few days.
Debbie McGraw
follow up to quarantine question. if US citizen tests positive in Mexico for example, that US citizen has to quanrantine in Mexico for two weeks before returning home ?????? $$$$
Lori Odom
Comment - for those interested in traveling to the UK, the non-stop BA flight is set to return on May 10. It had restarted in mid-December but was paused due to impacts of Omicron.
Kim Killingsworth (she/her/ella)
this was great - thanks!
Debbie McGraw