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Leaders talk: Collaboration for health and wellbeing - Shared screen with speaker view
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
NALC has a dedicated health and wellbeing webpage and a collated case study document which highights the excellent work of our councils. Do take a look!https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/health-and-wellbeinghttps://www.nalc.gov.uk/library/our-work/health/3071-health-and-wellbeing-case-studies/file
John Pennell Norfolk ALC
I chair the Norfolk ALC Well Being initiative
Jo McTavish Meopham Parish Council, Meopham
Can we have a copy of the presentations after the event?
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Hi Jo, yes all the presentation will be sent out in a mailing after the event
Jo McTavish Meopham Parish Council, Meopham
Thanks Claire
Linda Larter TC Sevenoaks Town Council
There is geographic data on where people live and how they age well. is there any data on the difference between living in a parished compared to non parished area?
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
If you have any questions for Justin, don't forget to use the chat function for the Q+A session later on!
Adriana Jones, North Weald Bassett PC
Is there a specific process or pathway to being recognised as an Age Friendly Community?
Nigel Adcock - Woodmancote GL52
Will notes be available?
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Hi Nigel, Yes all the notes will be available in a mailing after the event
Dave Mitton Somerset ALC
Di I miss it in Justin's presentation? I didn't see any mention of the biggest transition for people between 50 and 70 Retirement from full time employment
Jonathan Owen NALC
how do we engage with all these new volunteers and ensure they continue to stay involved with their communities, ideally standing for election to their parish!
Danny McCarthy Ashingdon Parish
ive lost sound is there an issue
Jo McTavish Meopham Parish Council, Meopham
My question too!
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Hi Danny, I can still hear Mike. I shall message you privately
EALC Peter Davey
I sit on the Essex climate action Commission and we are focusing on the 6 key issues of: 1 adapting to an already changing climate 2 Transport 3 The built environment 4 Energy and waste 5 Land use and green infrastructure and 6 Community Engagement. All of these initiatives have a direct correlation to the health and wellbeing agenda.
John Crossling WALC
can Mike share that toolkit?
Cllr Marianna Masters -Lambeth
I am a councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth and It feels like a constant uphill struggle to get recognition of the need for policies specifically targeted at the 50-68 age range. Council policies are either focused on the young or those at retirement age. The economic pressures due to Covid are really affecting health and wellbeing for this age range
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Hi John, I will talk to Mike about sharing the toolkit in the post-event mailout
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
I completely agree Peter - the link between climate change and health and wellbeing is paramount
Justin Griggs
You can never be too enthusiastic Danielle!!
Jo McTavish Meopham Parish Council, Meopham
Could Mike say more about micro grants are they only available in Essex?
Sally Faulkner Deputy Clerk Rochford Parish Council
How do you ensure all parishes are included as there are some who do not belong to EALC?
Jocelyn Law
What role can social prescribing have in helping tackle health challenges in our communities? Cllr Jocelyn Law, Health and Wellbeing Chair, Myland Community Council
Jonathan Owen NALC
is there anyway that Mike can encourage more county councils across the country to adopt the Essex model and engage with county associations and parish and town councils
EALC Peter Davey
in my capacity as Chairman of the EALC representing 276 parish and town councils in Essex I also sit on the Community Engagement sub group to ensure that what is discussed and agreed within the commission is capable of being implemented at local council and resident levels
Alison Pollard Sutton under Whitestonecliffe PC
Is there a natural link point between a health and well-being plan and the kind of Community Resilience Plan fostered by county councils?
John Pennell Norfolk ALC
Well said Jonathan - Norfolk ALC gets no help in this respect
sandie webb
I know that we are here talking about mental health and the community, but my question is - how do we offer positive mental health support to those parish and town councillors who tend to work alone without the safety net offered to the employed staff at council? A councillor is at the front line of attack by social media and the public - who do not necessarily have a positive view of this voluntary sector who offer so much. This is even more the case now that they all work from home.
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
There are some excellent questions here! The Q+A session will begin once Danielle has finished her presentation - so make sure you get your questions in!
Janet Cairns
jan Cairns Sutton Coldfield town councilman - do GP’s engage with the Health and Wellbeing plan?
Justin Newman - Centre for Ageing Better
Here's a link which describes what involved in becoming an age friendly community. https://www.ageing-better.org.uk/becoming-age-friendly-community
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Thanks for the link Justin!
Just to say wrt Managing up and Strategy, Chair EALC sits on Essex Health and Wellbeing Board
Adriana Jones, North Weald Bassett PC
Fully support the idea of improving wellbeing of everybody, however consideration needs to be given to what the actual duties and roles of a PC are, and where this fits within those parameters. Not being negative at all, but feel that many Councils will need to understand where this lies within their duties, or if we are being asked to go above and beyond these duties (which I fully support). Just need to be clear to justify to the tax payer.
Justin Newman - Centre for Ageing Better
We've recently launched a guide about age friendly volunteering to encourage a more diverse range of over 50s into volunteering... https://www.ageing-better.org.uk/news/new-guide-launched-help-community-organisations-future-proof-their-volunteer-base-wake-covid
Charlotte Eisenhart, NALC
If mental health is a topic people want to hear more about - NALC has a further event tomorrow specifically on this topic https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leaders-talk-supporting-mental-health-in-your-community-tickets-122957217347?aff=WEBSITE
Sally Longmate CEO Suffolk ALC
Q -how do you avoid duplication? EG Community Action Suffolk and Suffolk's Most Active County have dedicated officers alongside district community liaison officers.
Alison Pollard Sutton under Whitestonecliffe PC
I understand this session is not about lockdown but our tiny PC is concerned with how to address community issues as social isolation continues. Apart from remote meeting, not available to a substantial proportion of our village, what one thing can we do to get out of the next months with minimal damage to our (relatively) elderly demographic?
John Turton - Wilsden Parish Council
In West Yorkshire, Village Halls, Libraries and Parish Councils are all being challenged to deliver these services to the community. Collaboration is key to avoid overlap and gaps. This is an issue all round as most are run by volunteers and there is only so much time and money available. It needs a national policy with per head funding - or else it will be a postcode lottery of service provision.
John Turton - Wilsden Parish Council
The biggest challenge for the target groups is lack of internet engagement.
EALC Peter Davey
excellent presentation Danielle linking Health and Wellbeing issues to the sharp end of the community
Adriana Jones, North Weald Bassett PC
Our parish has benefitted from a microgrant - they are fab!
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
We would love to hear your feedback from this event! You can find a feedback survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XQ3MBY9
Jo McTavish Meopham Parish Council, Meopham
What about the mental health of our staff? for example some are struggling with home working
Charlotte Eisenhart, NALC
Mind have some great resources on managing mental health at work - written pre COVID and the wfh boom but still lots of useful tools and guides to get started supporting staff
Charlotte Eisenhart, NALC
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
NALC also has some resources on mental health on our health and wellbeing webpage: https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/health-and-wellbeing
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
You can book tickets for our online event tomorrow on mental health here: https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-events/eventdetail/301/-/leaders-talk-supporting-mental-health-in-your-community
Nigel Adcock - Woodmancote GL52
Thank you
Jonathan Owen NALC
brilliant speakers!
EALC Peter Davey
thank you everyone, stay healthy
Danielle Frost - EALC
if anyone would like a detailed plan proforma please let me know. I can share a blank one and a completed one.
Claire Goldfinch, NALC support staff
Thank you everyone - what a great event
Dave Clarke - Keyworth PC
Thank you - very informative