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WFOC September Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
elizabeh balsamo
Did Big Pharma have anything to do with the original law declaring cannibus illegal...also the 1970 updated law?
Lorraine Prinsky, Ph.D.
Do your comments apply to CBD as well as THC?
Carol Tuch
Regarding cannabis for treatment of pain and chemotherapy-induced nausea, have the studies figured out the dosage?
elizabeh balsamo
Do external patches work? How?
Sue Guilford
Will Women For make this video available on the website — it’s very interesting and worth viewing again.
Carol Tuch
Yes it will be posted on our website as soon as I get the recording from Zoom!
Lee Winocur Field
Does the form make a difference in the effectiveness?
Rona Henry
Does cannabis use affect people's directional ability? That is, if you use cannabis, might it make more likely that you would get disoriented or more easily lost if you were traveling by car or walking? I believe this is sometimes true for people who have dementia.
Carol Tuch
Are there studies of long-term effects of prolonged cannabis use?