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SUD/SEN Virtual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Lembeck
if we have time, is anyone having difficulty with late preterm and ESC particularly with feeding. Our prolonged stay infants are 35 or 36 weeks and poor feeders and score for such and I feel perhaps feeding being a component of the scoring tool may be impacting their management.
Jill Henrich
Really good point Amy.
Lori Christ
Late preterm infants are included in the multi center ESC study that is ongoing
Robert Ferguson
For those who would like to learn more about the Family Group Decision Making approach Chelsi mentioned earlier, this is a breakout presentation about it from an earlier PQC session https://www.whamglobal.org/list-documents/88-plans-of-safe-care-knowledge-cafe-presentation/file
Ann Giazzoni
MCOs pay for the opioid centers of excellence. they could also help connect to your local COE