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Seller Roundtable: Managing your Amazon Selling Performance - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
Can any of the other ambassadors chime in about Helium10? I don’t use the software.
Patrick Chan
I would like to ask the group ... is it always true that to be successful in selling in amazon.. it has to be cheap? How can one be successful in selling a "higher" price product as compared to its equivalents in the market?
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
@patrick my products are definitely not cheap, compared to china variants. you can be successful by making sure your listing and products are very well thought out and managed
Hi. May I ask, how do you manage your ads?
Rachel Khoo
Can I know some of the stores from the ambassadors here, so that I can have a good reference on 'model' listings?
Jade | Amazon
Hi Rachel, you can find out more information about our Seller Ambassador's selling background on our webpage on sell.amazon.com.sg, under the tab "Learn"
Patrick Chan
I am a manufacturer of electronic B2C product in Singapore. Can how Amazon help in cutting cost in effective and efficient deliveries from Singapore to other parts of the world, say USA?
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
@patrick i don’t think Amazon can help per se. if you wish to sell in the US, you have to ship the inventory there on your own.
Patrick Chan
oh I see ,,.. thanks
Siew Yew Gan
@ Debbie, I am a very new seller and has just started selling my product in AMZ. I notice that most of the competitors in my category have additional content & images which I understand is A+ contents which are only available for brands who are registered. Can I get your view about how essential it is to get my brand registered and trademarked, to get the additional content features.
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
hi @siew, i would say that you’re on the right track. start selling first, get some success, make some profits, then channel the profits into trademarking. i wouldn’t spend on trademarking without proving that my product can sell. and yes, brand registry is very useful
Siew Yew Gan
Can I register my brand without my brand trademark?
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
no you can’t
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
1st find a trademark lawyer to get your brand trademarked. then apply for brand registry
Siew Yew Gan
So should I do that now, or wait until I get some success? Cos I can't get the A+ brand registry features to improve my listing, unless I trademark my brand, right?
John Koh
Hi .. I am unable to configure the return settings on Seller Central>Settings>Return Settings.I have tried a few times and it is a blank screen every time. Any helps ? Thanks
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
there’s no best answer for this, it’s up to you. like i said, i prefer to channel my profits to pay for the trademark fees. by the time i make enough profits, i’m sure my product can sell and is worth investing in
Siew Yew Gan
Ok noted, thanks very much for your response.
Patrick Chan
Am I wrong to feel less competitive... for me to sell from here in Singapore into US, given the fact that my product has to be shipped from Singapore to, say US, even though I know that I have an innovative B2C product.? Does buyers from US feel a bit painful to pay for such shipping from far away sources, such as Singapore. Please advise.
Leong Lim
@Siew. If you are doing this business for passive income and by success, the AMZ income gives you additional income as a bonus? If you are doing this in sight of a full time venture, you definitely need Brand Registry as it helps in your conversion rate and gives you better protection.
Siew Yew Gan
Thank you, Leong, for your feedback.
Hi Amazon Team, I have been selling in US and SG Since last year. My Singapore seller account is deactivated due to my silly mistake which I only realized after my SG account is deactivated. Then I followed up with Seller support and provide all the necessary info , but still my account is not activated , when I still submit the required document I am getting same automated reply. Can any one from Singapore Amazon team help me to resolve it?
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
@patrick buyers don’t really care where the products are shipped from. what is more important is the cost of shipping and the time it takes to ship. the lower the cost and the faster the time, the better. I won’t ship individual orders from Singapore for sure. I ship inventory in bulk to the US - either to FBA or a 3PL warehouse - then when the customer places their order, it will arrive very quickly. and i factor in the shipping cost into the overall price of the product.
Patrick Chan
Thanks A LOT , Debbie. This is good info for a "green" seller.
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
@kiru you can try emailing amazonsellersg@amazon.sg
Patrick Chan
Sorry Debbie.. what is FBA and 3PL?
Thanks Debbie. I will do that
Jade | Amazon
Hi Kiru, please reach out to us via email, or send us a message on our facebook page: facebook.com/sellonamazonsg!
Philip - Amazon Seller Ambassador
@Patrick - FBA - fulfillment by Amazon (warehousing, handling orders, return customer enquires etc), 3pl - 3rd party logistics companies that do similar task like FBA but they are private companies
Thanks Jade. I will do that
Amazon Seller Ambassador
Valid tracking rate requires by Amazon is 95% minimum
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
FBA = fulfilment by amazon. it’s a great program. You ship inventory to amazon warehouses and they pack & ship for you. next day delivery. you can find tons of info about this online. 3PL = 3rd party logistics warehouse. basically private warehouses that can help you hold your inventory and fulfil orders. 3PLs operate parallel to FBA. I use both 3PL and FBA.
Patrick Chan
Debbie..., I got it now. Thanks
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
Debbie - Amazon Seller Ambassador
If you guys have any specific issues you want to get some guidance about, please message seller ambassadors on your facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amazonsellercommunitysea
Patrick Chan
Thanks all seller ambassadors.... cheers☺️
Leong Lim
Thank you everyone. Helpful session as usual. Have a great weekend of sales.
Melanio Soliman
Leong Lim
Thanks Jade.
Rachel Khoo
thank you!!
Siew Yew Gan
Thank you
Wilna Tan
Tku. Altho my question was not answeed
Irene Lim
Thank you all
Dohadeva Samugam
Thank you
Ronald Wee
Thank you for your time everyone, esp the seller ambassadors
Amazon Seller Ambassador
I don't think so Jade : )