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REEL Event: Student Intro One Pager - Shared screen with speaker view
Callie Turk
@Theisha, I can’t wait to check this out!
Callie Turk
Welcome to those who have joined us! Please feel free to put any questions or comments you have in the chat. We have saved time at the end for questions.
Carol T
Is the 2e label useful? I am 2e (dyslexia and IQ 135) and people seem to just roll their eyes if you use it, especially if applied to a child Their take away seems to be that you are just bragging about how bright your kid is and are oblivious to behavior. (My teen is ASD, dyslexic, and high IQ) This is not one-sheet related so feel free to ignore or wait to see if there is time!
Callie Turk
Great question, Carol! We’ll save it for a the discussion at the end. It’s a great question in general and also a good question to raise about whether to use the term or not in the one pager.
Callie Turk
Everyone who registered for this program will receive an email with the link to the recording, so you can go back and access the info on these slides.
Theisha (Azariah’s mom)
💕 awesome Callie
Theisha (Azariah’s mom)
Without an official diagnosis, getting support from school seems very challenging. Is this others’ experience also?
Callie Turk
Good question, Theisha! Looking forward to digging into that at the end, but anyone who has thoughts on this or the prior question, feel free to chime in on the chat.
Callie Turk
I always like to ask “When was my child at their best? What tips can we give my child’s teacher(s) next year to help create more of those positive experiences?”
Yael Valek
I find that the strategies used for my 2e kid benefit the entire classroom and teachers end up loving them. 2e kids are like the canary in the coal mine
Abby Kirigin
Along those lines, I would love to see this sort of one pager as something every student does, ideally the teacher sends out a blank one to every parent for them to fill out before the start of the year!
Yael Valek
Yael Valek
Mandi Smith
Thank you!
How do you advise using this for teens in high school where teachers aren’t feeling as flexible, minus the unicorns of course? Is it better to just meet in person or focus this intro letter on open communication and contact info and less personalized detail?
Mandi Smith
I am doing this cross coordination in a way across all my son's therapies. They each have separate goals, priorities and interventions. Sometimes they are very similar, but using different language or approaches. Having a one sheet of the top three for each so each know what the other are working on and what I am doing at home and my own priorities as well.
Theisha (Azariah’s mom)
Thank you all
Thanks for that. Just feels like a lot more moving parts with high school. So we will check with the advisor.
So true
Abby Kirigin
Hi Kimberlee! You mentioned several times that it is important get this to the teacher before the first day of school. Could you talk more about this? My inclination is to wait until the teacher has met my child; my personal fear is that I come off as a ‘needy parent’ right off the bat. But on the other hand it would be good to have this partnership set so that things start off on the right foot, as opposed to waiting until an issue arises. Is there a possible middle ground?
Have to go. Thank you for Mrs Joseph for your presentation and to Reel for coordinating this event !
Yael Valek
Thanks Laurence!
Jennifer Madsen
My middle ground was at back to school night (a few weeks in) and was able to hand deliver this info to the teachers.
Mandi Smith
I think if you know your going to have to manage right away - this document might be useful soon as possible
Abby Kirigin
Great point that the timing is good for the teacher, as they’re setting up and planning. thank you!
Mandi Smith
unchallenged = increased behavior disregualtion and class disruption
Mandi Smith
Thank you so much!!
Yael Valek
Thank you all! www.reelpaloalto.org
Grace Setiowati
Thank you
EJ Jung
Thanks!! As a teacher, I would advocate for delivering this earlier than later.
Jennifer Madsen
Past my bedtime here in NJ…but so worth it! Thank you so much for this session. Incredible info!
Thank you so much for this community
Abby Kirigin
Great seeing everyone! Thank you Kimberlee this was so practical and helpful.
Beth Vidakovits
Thank you, Great resources