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Women in Lymphoma - WiLing Wednesdays - Series 4 - Session 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Pam Skrabek
It would be great to de-escalate therapy in patients who will have favourable long term outcome, disappointing about FOLL12 trial. you mentioned that PET and MRD may not have been the right starting points - what do you think we could use instead?
Jo Oladipo
Sorry I think I put this in the question area rather than here - maybe running short on time now but
Jo Oladipo
Thanks for a very eloqent presentation, Carla! I am interested in the circulating tumour DNA, potential of picking up relapse in patients. Is there any indication as to the time frame of needed to get samples from patients to monitor this? ie. How early we could pick this up? (Not a clinician so lacking in knowledge of follow-up in patients). I guess it's a question around the feasibility of using this as a liquid biopsy of sorts?
Gwynivere Davies
Off trial- how are you using EOI PET information to guide therapy at present? RM vs. none in frontline treatment?