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Town Hall: Technology Trends that are Shaping Fundraising - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Learn more about the Belmont Data Collaborative here: https://news.belmont.edu/belmont-to-invest-60-million-over-five-years-in-new-data-initiative/
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Learn more about the United Way of Greater Nashville: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwir9t75wMryAhWiAp0JHc-wB-oQFnoECAsQAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.unitedwaygreaternashville.org%2F&usg=AOvVaw02lQEpU3I1qSVTHX0zBfug
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Learn more about Generous here: https://joingenerous.com/
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Learn more about the  YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee: https://www.ywcanashville.com/
Ylonda Banister-NCBW
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Learn more about Nonprofit Software Specialists: https://www.npsspecialists.com/
Ylonda Banister-NCBW
Learn more about us at: https://www.facebook.com/MetroNashville100BW
Allison Adams - YWCA Nashville & Middle TN
Truth - the most powerful mission moment I think we've ever produced - 18-minutes long, but viewers were glues to it. And it will serve as an educational tool for us moving forward.
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Oh I love the idea of using QR codes
Ross Buntrock: Generous (joingenerous.com)
Generous can help you with a QR code strategy.
Info The Arc TN
Hi Felicia! Miss seeing you with The Arc TN!!!
Info The Arc TN
(It’s Ashley!)
Gene Barlaz Sports Philanthropy Network
As I came in late. Exec Board Member with the Sports Philanthropy Network that has a number of Task Forces that connect Retired Athletes to organizations that interest them. Include a note to connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugenebarlaz/
Christy Passmore | Chi Omega Foundation
what is the shelflife of most software programs . . how often do they have to be replaced?
Gene Barlaz Sports Philanthropy Network
Folks, 6 connect requests. 0 introductory notes. Here is a question, would you ever send a donor a request with no introductory note, why would you send a connect request with an introduction? Especially when I asked for one. Love to know your response rates.
Gene Barlaz Sports Philanthropy Network
For people in Nonprofits take a look at The Creator Economy on Pulver.com , every Tuesday at 2PM. Run by Pulver Studios (he is the one who created VOIP) which allows us to make Phone calls over the internet). Also Rally.io has a great deal of non profits already, including Why Hunger (Harry Chapin's Family organization)
Rachel Murar
The Belmont Data Collaborative looks amazing, thrilled to have this resource in the community
Joseph Gutierrez
I think that there's some criticism of modeling and AI further marginalizing traditionally underrepresented groups -- is there stuff that we should be keeping in mind as nonprofit organizations in relation to our own data practices?
Charlie Apigian - Belmont University
Thank you Rachel - if anyone needs help and wants students and our Belmont Data Collaborative to help, please let me know. https://www.linkedin.com/in/capigian/
Anna Saunderson
Thank you so much Charles and the team. Super thought provoking today. Inspired with lots of ideas!
Kathryn Swanton - CNM
Focus groups are a great idea
Harriet Warner (Crossroads Campus)
Shannon I’m interested in the breakdown of income from your virtual event - how much from the auction etc.? And how much did it cost to produce?
Melinda Judd - Nashville Public Education Foundation
Thank you Tari and CNM - great session!! So timely and helpful. Loved the panelists.
Lauren Guetz: Generous
I have loved all these conversations! Thank you CNM!! If anyone wants to learn more about fundraising tools (all free for nonprofits!) - please feel free to reach out and connect. We would love to help and support. https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenguetz/
Allison Adams - YWCA Nashville & Middle TN
Thanks everyone. Great information!
Charlie Apigian - Belmont University
Thank you everyone.
Ginger LePage - Numinous Flux
thank you so much!!