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Nevada Co. COVID-19 Business Task Force: New resources for 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Gruver
@howardbrownstone, my understanding is that on June 15th, the requirements round gatherings will be gone with the exception of very large events, so for those gatherings only the unvaccinated people would need to wear face coverings. With that said, risk of COVID persists, and just because the State will no longer be telling us what to do doesn't mean precautions shouldn't be taken beyond what the state "requires"
Ryan Gruver
Here is the link to what is happening on June 15th: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/Beyond-Blueprint-Framework.aspx
Ryan Gruver
@gretchenbond: yes the physical distancing requirements are also going away.
Caleb Dardick
Apply for the Nevada Co Relief Fund: https://www.nevcorelief.org/apply/
Kristin York
RSVP for CA Manufacturing Forum sponsored by ERC info@ncerc.org
Caleb Dardick
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