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PNWD Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Pacific Northwest Division
Hi Everyone, please let us know what Region your from and do you have a bike patrol now? Please list Questions here for Denny Bike Patrol and Kacy Carlson for PFA.
Julie Gibbs - Lookout Pass (Hiawatha Trail Bike Patrol)
Eric Brittingham
Eric Brittingham PD Mt. Bachelor we do have a bike patrol however, NSP does not patrol, this is done by the resort management paid patrol. Maybe someday.
Shelley Urben
Thanks Jodie
Kacy Carlson
Kacy Carlson - Mt. Ashland - OR Region. No bike patrol or summer opperations. How has the recent mountain biking lawsuits at Ski Bowl, OR, impacted bike operations across the division? How do you predict it will change the summer bike park programs? Obviously this impacts our duty as patrollers.
Pacific Northwest Division
Jodie Jeffers, Oregon Region Santiam Pass SP, No bike patrol
Kym Lavell
Kym Lavell - Mt. Bachelor NSP Safety Comm.
Mark Stambaugh
The Mountain Rescue Association has a good webinar on Psychological First Aid. https://training.mra.org/course/search.php?search=psychological. You'll need to create an account to watch the video. It's about an hour long if I recall.
Thank you for all the good information. I am a brand new member of the NSP, got my cross in March. I will be back for more meetings. No bike patrol at Mission Ridge in Wenatchee where I am a volunteer.
Shelley Urben
Good to have you Daneen. Welcome and congratulations!