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Special Joint Meeting ANC 6A & ANC 6B - 17th & 19th Sts. - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Gentile 6A05
Hello Stefany!
Amber Gove 6A04
Posting again for those that just joined: https://anc6a.org/wp-content/uploads/TPSA1121.pdf
Laura Gentile 6A05
and pro-dog!
Chander Jayaraman
Could anyone who is not speaking please mute your microphone
Chander Jayaraman
I assume that is Will
Chander Jayaraman
Will's family!
Amber Gove 6A04
And plenty of motorized wheelchairs too.
Amber Gove 6A04
Project details at www.cstne.com
Laura Gentile 6A05
Brian and Shaun are already co-hosts
Francis Campbell
In the past parking was on the West side of the street and was not allowed during pm rush hour.
The assumption that our neighbors don’t move their cars frequently is totally inaccurate. STOP removing parking for weekend recreational cycling.
Paul Donohoo-Vallett (DOE)
Is there any plan to have 19th street in the res 13 corridor 2-way?
Francis Campbell
I thought 19th is an emergency egress street so how/why would you reduce the travel lane from two to one?
Amber Gove 6A04
This went fast, so if you need to see drawings on your own time check out link here: https://anc6a.org/wp-content/uploads/TPSA1121.pdf
That’s simply an excuse to remove parking folks
Sarah Bell
Would love to hear turn lane safety measures for motorists to protect bicyclists/pedestrians
Francis Campbell
We keep telling DDOT that pulling out of 18th Street onto Potomac Ave has become increasingly dangerous since they put those damn bollards in the intersection!!
Carolyn Bowen
some drivers don't know it is a 2 way street west of 18th
Carolyn Bowen
so if you are turning west onto Potomac they are already taking up two lanes
Giselle Hicks
Getting rid of the second travel lane on Potomac east of 18th would solve a lot of the problems noted of cars speeding recklessly on the wrong side of the road
Ryan Fleming
These protected lanes look great! An underrated element is how much safer this will also make the area for walking. As someone who regularly crosses both 19th and 17th with a stroller, this can't come soon enough.
Eric Miller
Giselle is right. There is no need for two lanes eastbound between 18th and 19th. It's an open invitation for drivers to speed like crazy.
Rick Trimble
Is there any discussion at all with MPD about actual traffic enforcement? It seems intermittent periods of high traffic enforcement, could help achieve these Vision Zero goals. Give drivers tickets that have real costs associated with them. And if that traffic stop reveals unregistered or no insurance, then impound the vehicle.
Amber Gove 6A04
Thanks for the comments everyone. Please post questions to Q&A--it helps the facilitators/presenters.
Ryan Fleming
And as someone who bikes to and from work every day, and uses the bike to make almost all of my trips (church, groceries, children's play dates) this great. I would hope that we can get the buffered lane to be protected instead.
Manisha Mirchandani
Would love to hear more about DDOT thinking on “non ideal” commuting traffic flows using residential 17th to cut through. What sort of measures can DDot take this help redirect this speeding traffic? Seems this would help in achieving our mutual safety and bike usage goals.
Carolyn Bowen
I saw in the Q&A the question about who would use the 19th St corridor - I can add that families commuting to middle/high school or charters near benning would use that road as well.
Carolyn Bowen
Yes to Alison's comment! We often have to have 3 adults in the middle of 17th waving at cars to stop at C so we can cross to get to school. A stop sign or raised cross walk would be amazing there.
Francis Campbell
It would be extremely helpful if you consider putting a traffic light at 19th & Burke since you have St. Colleta's buses turning onto 19th Street .63 buses twice a day and the school is year around so you create additional problems on 19th by reducing it to one lane.
Francis Campbell
The metro station is also located at this intersection so it also helps pedestrian crossing
Carolyn Bowen
Second Francis' comment - especially since Burke will eventually continue on into Reservation 13 as well.
Giselle Hicks
Agreed with Francis re: 19th & Burke. This is a very hard place to cross and more and more pedestrians will need to cross here
Katherine Taylor
As a homeowner living on 17th St NE, I support a protected bike lane. I bike my child to daycare on this street daily, and cars travel far too fast down 17th. I would love to see cars slow down throughout the city and I feel confident that this is a great opportunity to create safer streets for all travelers.
Francis Campbell
Again with the anticipated traffic from the development of Res.13 and the traffic already there this is additional rational to make Burke Street one way East!
Alison Horn 6B09
+++ Meagan. I see cars try to squeeze through on the bike lane to pass other cars on the 300 block of 17th SE all the time. So dangerous.
Francis Campbell
Short term solution for the 18th & Potomac west bound turn would be to remove the bollards to make the right turn a bit safer!
Andrew Miller
I live on 20th St NE next to the project area and am fully in support, not least because it will also increase safety for drivers. I frequently drive up Potomac to 19th and north to my home, and the sections with multiple lanes invite speeding, swerving, and general recklessness. Just a few weeks ago I had to detour because a driver had crashed into a pole at 19th and Mass SE. I've also had several close calls due to drivers going straight in the left turn lane at 19th and C NE, gunning it and playing chicken with vehicles in the right place.
Ryan Fleming
So important about older residents. My in-laws visited from Germany, and they bike EVERYWHERE in Germany. But they were extremely uncomfortable biking here. Many older residents want to get around without cars (many can't drive). This redesign would make it safer for everyone from school age to retirement to walk, ride, mobility scooter, etc.
Francis Campbell
Well you just make it more difficult for those of use seniors who DO drive so maybe we should do like lots of communities in Florida and designate areas for Golf carts!
Amber Gove 6A04
Mike Soderman 6A03
I am sorry but I need to drop shortly...
Mike Soderman 6A03
Thank you Linda and Will for presenting tonight...Really appreciate it.
Mike Soderman 6A03
yes enforcement and getting MD and VA drivers to have to pay their tickets...
Mike Soderman 6A03
you cant engineer your way out of all of the safety issues...but we need to get reciprocity with MD and VA...
Francis Campbell
When is DDOT going to remove the camera on Independence Ave in the curve before the East Capitol Street bridge that isn't protecting anyone?
Amber Gove 6A04
Thanks for speaking up tonight Sarah and glad your daughter will recover. The turn at 17th and C NE is truly harrowing.
Michael Cushman
Did Will just say that traffic cameras would monitor and ticket cars that travel above the legal limit... because the current policy is legal limit + 8 mph -- so only 33 mph on 17th at the rec center. Is there a DDOT plan to move from 8 miles over to 3 miles over (or less)?
Michael Cushman
That would be wonderful... and might change the dynamic of speeding to the intersections that is regularly occurring.
Amber Gove 6A04
Speed camera ticket at 11 and above the limit.
Michael Cushman
Sorry - at 36 mph on southbound 17th at the rec center...
Eric Miller
I'd argue a large reason for lack of compliance to stop signs or speeding is b/c there are little to no consequences.
John Ten Hoeve 6B09 RM
Thank you again Linda and Will for pushing this project forward and please let us know what we can do to help support it. When implemented, this will dramatically increase bicycle safety along these corridors. Looking at 11th Street as an analogous minor arterial, as this project moves forward I'm hoping that the criteria for stop signs or raised crosswalks at a minimum could be revisited to improve pedestrian safety as well. Thank you.
Michael Cushman
So an intersection known to DDOT with 90% non-compliance with traffic rules has no plan to fix the compliance? This is insane.
Rick Trimble
RE: Speed cameras. As we have just heard, the problem with automated enforcement is that there is NO consequence for ignoring the ticket for non-DC drivers. Enforcement, I think, HAS to be part of this discussion.
Laura Gentile 6A05
Thanks so much, Linda and Will, for sharing your time with us. This was a great meeting. I need to jump off in a couple of minutes.
Michael Cushman
Brian, Can you make sure that the transcript and the Q&A from this Zoom call are all published to the minutes available on the ANC site? And include the responses from Andrew DeFrank in that transcript too! Thanks
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
Very much agree with this point— also makes it very hard to access the pool/rec center/library by bike for folks who are west of Rosedale
Michael Cushman
Thank you Clark!
@will that's just because they haven't built the outer beltway yet....
Keya Chatterjee 6A01
Very glad that most urban areas have moved from ‘solving congestion’ to saving lives and addressing the climate crisis.
Caitlin Rogger
I think Clark you’ve alighted on the key issue. We can’t accommodate all modes endlessly and DC’s stated goals are to prioritize the ones that improve safety, air quality, health, and reduce carbon emissions. In my mind that’s forward-looking; can’t hang onto cars in cities forever when alternatives are at our fingertips. Many cities have done it - our turn!
Ryan Fleming
Well said Caitlin
Manisha Mirchandani
Thanks Clark - it’s an important point of view. Perhaps it goes both ways - if there’s other safer and efficient ways to move around less of a driver for car registrations longer term …
Michael Cushman
Linda brings a dose of speaking plainly that is very welcome and not usually seen from DDOT.