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Soul Sisters - a Feminist Beit Midrash - Shared screen with speaker view
bettina waldman
I have to leave at 1145 to go to work
Bettina Waldman
a woman ruler brought the stuff to show her credentials because in a male dominated ruling system that might have been nessisary rumors of him she wanted to check because she might have been tricked and she brought her onterage to look at it without being impressed and be her balance incase she fell for him
Marcy Harris
Wasn’t there also the threat of attack by Solomon?
Marcy Harris
Paying tribute, just so happens they get along.
Bettina Waldman
but cleopatria had multiple loves as shakspire hightlights so why couldn't she have multiple lovers too
Bettina Waldman
a great reference of women non jewish rulers and warriers is the great course( wondrium) warriors queens and intellectuals 36 great women before 1400
Bettina Waldman
worship the sun I keep seeing this josephs dream the sun and moon bowed down maybe the dream was also predicting the trip to Egypt and his place in Egypt not his mother and father bowing to him
Bettina Waldman
got to go thanks for a great class
Snait Ben-Herut
Thank you for the class, also have to go now.
Elaine Savick
thank you. another great class. need to leave