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CAP & VR Moving Forward Together: Collaboration - Shared screen with speaker view
Anne Robertson
Cheryl or Amy, I can’t get myself on video or unmute. Can you help me out, please?
Charles Ndour
Rebecca G Fulmer
Do your staff from VR agencies welcome direct calls from CAP, without including state office personnel? Otherwise stated, are you CAP folks able to contact VR Counselors directly?
Dee Torgerson MN VR General
Yes in MN
Antoney Smith, CO, CRC
In NJ, CAP routinely contacts the counselor, which makes perfect sense, given that the manager/supervisor may not be aware of the issue.
DaeEun Shin-VR Texas
Yes in Texas
Becky Allen
Yes, in Tennessee we make direct contact with the VR Counselors.
Anne Robertson
I will note that in Minnesota, there is a designated policy/consumer issues point person that I often connect with in lieu of, or in addition, to calling the VR counselor or manager involved with the individual consumer’s case. This will depend on the case, whether it involves lack of responsiveness from the counselor, or a particularly difficult client/disability situation, or a policy that is perhaps being inappropriately applied to a particular situation.
Joe Murphy RI VR
Yes in RI too.
Matt Lampke, OOD
Yes in OH. A VRC may also ask in house legal to attend depending on the nature of the call.
D. Natalino-White
I agree...working in partnership is so valuable. It is an opportunity to have additional support for customers
I agree that regular training and partnership are valuable and help with confidence in the case which assist with moving toward better outcomes. Training and understanding each persons role and responsibility are great building block for consistent agency messages.
CAP is routinely a part of new counselor training at Missouri VR
Joe Murphy RI VR
Here in RI too!
Sigrid Adams-Michigan General
In Michigan we have found that introducing CAP to new staff early on has proved very beneficial for us. It's a great approach to building a positive relationship.
John Marens
In NC, we always start with the counselor first, then we may go up the chain of command. If we can get a resolution at the counselor level, we don't need to go further. We created a CAP Orientation for new hires to be part of the onboarding process and I have been vice-chair, and most recently Chair of the SRC … am now moving to policy committed & public outreach. We also meet with the VR/IL administration on a regular basis.
John Marens
Prior to covid, we also made a habit of going out to VR offices to do a personal CAP Orientation so we could meet the VR staff and they could meet us. We always include tome foe questions & answers & we try to develop relationships
John Marens
We now do virtual staff meetings - orientations
I like what I’m hearing so far. What I haven’t heard enough of is how the various CAP programs work with the American Indian Voc Rehab programs. I’m curious to know what happens when a consumer is shared between a tribal VR program and a state VR program, but has a CAP request. What if the consumer sees these two entities as one? Would CAP meet with each program individually, or together, or offer each entity and consumer a choice in how a meeting looks?
Bernadine Chavez
In New Mexico we meet with both programs. They each play a role in sharing the case and we need to be clear about roles, so the client understands who is doing what in the process. CAP often brings the two programs together to improve communications.
Catherine Sansonetti / RI CAP
In RI, we sit on the Tribal VR council. The VR agency has their liaison (a counselor) sit on that council as well. We maintain contact with the Tribal VR, including having periodic cultural competence trainings for our staff. Cases are approached as shared responsibilities and often times the tribal VR can enhance the state services.
Catherine Sansonetti / RI CAP
I would add that I have wanted to increase CAP outreach to the Southern New England Tribes - very hard group to reach so that is why we are active with the tribal VR counselors too!
John Marens
We do interact with tribal VR's on the SRC and the SILC
Bill Robinson Michigan
Michigan CAP reached out to VR regarding a grant for assisting persons with disability to get access to vaccinations. As we saw many sites were either not accessible or to schedule a appt assumed access to a computer. CAP assisting customers for needs beyond VR!!
Missouri SRC approves any changes in State Rule that affect VR policy. They meet quarterly. This has been a bottleneck for bringing needed changes to VR policy.
Bill Robinson Michigan
Michigan also invited the CAP director to the Section 107 Monitoring of the VR system by RSA
Anne Robertson
Re interaction with American Indian Sec. 121 VR agencies, we spend a lot of time doing outreach and relationship building with our 2 Sec. 121 VR programs, both of which are located in far northern Minnesota. We emphasize the availability of our services to Sec. 121 program participants, but in actuality have worked much more with enrollees seeking VR services in town, outside the reservation. We see folks running into a lot of bias and misunderstanding when they approach state VR agencies for services — as the CAP, we work as much as possible to help iron out those issues and work to get AI consumers the services they need.
Historical trauma, generational trauma has a lot to do with why we don't see many tribal participants reaching outside the tribes for VR services. But the Idaho Tribes do a good job of keeping in touch with our Idaho CAP. We try to do that same.
Edwin Castillo
What suggestion do you guys have about VR and CAP collaborating in ongoing outreach efforts to increase the numbers of people accessing VR services? I don't believe that VR staff is fully aware that CAP can be a referral source for the program.
Ron Hager, NDRN, he/him
You can also do it in the chat
Sigrid Adams-Michigan General
Some final comments regarding our philosophy to building and maintaining a positive relationship with CAP include open communication, accountability, respect and being solution-focused all with the goal of providing excellent customer service.
Antoney Smith, CO, CRC
Question for CAP, what is your stance on VR paying the full cost of college tuition for SSI/SSDI clients? As opposed to established tuition CAPS?
Curtis Decker
I have spoken at CSAVR conferences in the past but this was so much better!!
Before covid, I would visit the reservations and meet with the staff regularly. I would drop off brochures, do a small CAP intro, share coffee and sweets. I built a pretty good rapport with the tribes. This is Nancy Grant with Idaho P&A.
Anne Robertson
Re the question on VR funding for post-secondary education, the answer to that is worthy of a follow up session alone!
John Marens
thanks for the webinar
Bernadine Chavez
The National Coalition of SRCs (NCSRC) provides training as well. In August two CAP staff will present on CAP and SRC relationships.
Ron Hager, NDRN, he/him
Yes, we are in discussions with RSA on that issue.
Charles Ndour NDRN (Producer)
Thank you, survey complete.
Catherine Sansonetti / RI CAP
Thank you everyone! I enjoyed presenting today. Catherine from RI
Joe Murphy RI VR
Thanks Everyone from RI
Good session. Thanks!
Rebecca G Fulmer
Thank you all.
Edwin Castillo
Thank you!