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Zilker Park Vision Plan: TAG Meeting #4 - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Ross
I have lots of questions about this. If programing is only tied to the number of people that doesn't really reflect programing that is more frequent and indepth. I do question that a music event is true programing.
Nathan Wilkes
Can you share the zoomed out slide again
Cynthia Klemmer
Perhaps a good visual would be a line chart, with different types of programming having a different line/strand across the months of the year. Lines could be thicker to represent heavier programming times. Altogether it would create the tapestry of programming in Zilker.
Amanda Ross
Good point Denisha. Pop-ups at the Spillway/Barking Springs (free side of Barton Springs) on a busy weekend like labor day would reach a wide audience.
Steven Linett
I'm concerned about the framing of the question about the use of parking fees for general park O&M. I don't believe that is an allowable use of parking fees. I brought this up in the last TAG and would suggest discussing with Law, if we're really considering this to be an option.
Claire Hempel
Noted Steve. Thank you for pointing that out.
Jessica Gilzow
It cuts off Zilker PReserve and the Austin NAture & Science Center.
Rose Lisska
Note: There will not be any buses traveling on the Trinity bridge. If someone is paying for a transit only connection under mopac that sounds great. currently it takes awhile to turn around under mopac to access Barton Springs. There are also issues with turning radius under there.
Amanda Ross
Would dogs be allowed on the public transit? That is often a problem for people coming to Zilker is that they would like to have their dog with them.
denisha jenkins
Good point amanda
denisha jenkins
I agree Kim.. I’ve been here since 2013 and still have challenges
Cynthia Klemmer
I'm glad that there is an interpretive master plan as a significant component of the overall plan. It is, agreed, sorely needed.
Joshua Erickson
What caught my attention was the 9 point spread on the response about park maintenance. 44% of respondents think Zilker is not well maintained, as opposed to 35% who think it is. That is surprising given the current investment in maintenance there...
Cynthia Klemmer
Yes, Joshua. I think most public perspective presumes that whatever is there is 'good' even if it's invasive species and degraded landscapes. Attention to that, and how to keep the landscape sustainable in the longrun (a tall order) will be important. I would like to advocate for the entire park being considered an arboretum. It wouldn't take away from types of usage, but could offer some protection, emphasis for new/better tree species planting, and fundraising opportunities from a support/private group.
Eric Loucks|WPD
There is variability in how members of the public define maintenance Lawn mowing versus a 90-year bathouse
denisha jenkins
Thanks everyone for these updates and details
Cynthia Klemmer
Claire-- you mentioned Programs, Policies, and... a third P. Can you repeat that?
Cynthia Klemmer