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Meet the Minister: The Hon. Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Education & Youth - Shared screen with speaker view
Alan Gamlen
Minister Tudge - we have skills shortages partly because of drastic reductions in immigration. This partly reveals our reliance on immigration for sourcing human capital in recent decades. In a low-immigration environment we rely on universities to grow that human capital locally. In the coming years, how will Australia balance these two sources of human capital growth - immigration, and education? Specifically, in your view, what is the right balance?
Andrew Wear
Universities make such an important contribution to our cities. They contribute ideas, energy and students. Strong universities contribute to strong cities.
Celina Yu (EIA & GBCA)
Like Minister and Colette mentioned, life-long learning is certainly paramount and more important now than ever before. I realized that, currently, work-related studies are tax deductible, whereas those study areas which are not directly linked to employment and self-employment are not deductible. I wonder if it is pertinent to discuss that, so individuals all would be encouraged to study more broadly with accredited institutions either for career changing, broadening their horizons, or just leisure to have a better balance.
Jane Ward (DET)
Jane Ward (DET)
There are so many great examples of university-industry collaboration that already occurs - publication from ATN captures some.
Andrew Wear
Research translation doesn't just happen within the university. It requires a strong innovation ecosystem that has the capacity to commercialise IP. Much of that capability will exist in the broader ecosystem, outside of the university.