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USTA School & Community Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Laurie Martin
Mine is fine. I wonder if you used audio on your phone instead of a computer?
MIchael Ryon
What specifically is the title of the certification to which several speakers have mentioned?
Laurie Martin
USPTA and PTR have entry level certifications. In addition, the USTA has community level workshops that are very helpful.
Laurie Martin
www.uspta.org Also check with your USTA Section to see when they are holding their community workshops. I'm USPTA certified so please reach out to me and I can assist you. My email is lmartin@xcp.org or call me at 480-213-2083
Shelby Rhyne
What is a “modified team” format?
Laurie Martin
That's very unfortunate but I hope he sees the value of being on a team and takes on a leadership position. The most important life lessons take place on the court regardless of the coaches engagement. He is learning how not to act in his future career. We have all had good teachers and bad teachers, good bosses and bad bosses etc. Encourage him to make the best of a difficult circumstance.
Jim Ferrera
How do we get the Manual?
Laurie Martin
If you have a college in your area see if they have a Tennis on Campus team. These kids are great coaches and can work their academic schedule around your practice time. Retirement areas are another place to look for help.
Laurie Martin
Former players are another resource. If their situation allows it, they love giving back to their alma mater.
Laurie Martin
Good luck to all the coaches. Thank you for caring and looking to improve.
Bill Graham
thanks Laurie, good luck everyone!!
Todd Rubinstein
Thank you everyone!!!