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MPNAI March 2022 Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
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Ruby (she/her)
i don’t know if y’all can take a vote via text if you need me for quorum but i will be available to vote at 802-272-4140 i just can’t be on the zoom
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sunshine sevigny
sunshine sevigny
6:35/6:45 pm IntroductionsThank you to the outgoing Board members & welcome to the new Board members6:45 pm Financial Report - Jana MetgeMotion: MPNAI Accept & Receive January 2022 Financial Reports.- 2022 NCR Grant Paperwork submitted- IRS 990 & AG 2021 tax reports in process, due May 15th, 20226:45-7:30 pm Board Orientation - Robert ThompsonRole of a Board memberNon Profit LawHistory of NeighborhoodsCommunity Engagement Role of Board member7:30-8:00 pm - Board Officer Elections
sunshine sevigny
MPNAI shall promote the social health of the community by involving citizens in its activities and shall reach out to all segments of the community including traditionally under-represented groups.MPNAI will promote:• the economic health of the community by fostering employment and business opportunities that meet the needs of the community• the physical and cultural health of the community by fostering housing and open space programs which reflect the needs of the community and which promote social-economic and racial-cultural diversity with the Midtown Phillips neighborhood• the best interested of its community and represent those interests to other organizations and public bodies.
sunshine sevigny
This includes recommending action to governmental bodies and responding to proposals for residential and commercial development or liability within the Midtown Phillips neighborhood• the safety and personal integrity of all individual living, working and visiting the Midtown Phillips neighborhood• the sense of community created by open communication among neighbors• the cultural, social, economic and political stabilizations of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood• the highest quality of housing, schooling, employment, recreation, daycare, transportation, environment, open space, arts, health and other neighborhood services, regardless of income; and• the development of community actions of, by and for the residents of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood by which they may, especially the economically disadvantages and under-educated, advance their stations in life.
sunshine sevigny
can be found at https://www.midtownphillips.org/about-mpnai
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Outreach Partnerships = Building on Neighborhood Assets.
Collections of resources & assets:- We saved the Phillips Pool & renovated it into 2 pools - the Aquatic Center- Global Market- American Indian Movement started here- East Phillips Community & Cultural Center; Residents activated to get a new park there - raised $ with Karen Clark - designed it-The Hospitals- The Community Clinics- Access to Transit- Midtown Greenway- Lake Street Small Business; a TreasurePlus all of our partners:- Banyan Community- New Americans Youth Soccer Club- Midtown Greenway- Semilla Center for Healing & the Arts- Community Radio Stations- Non Profit Community Newspaper.We are RICH.
anniessa antar
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City has been top down vs Grassroot up.
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sunshine sevigny
For list of upcoming MPNAI board and community meetings, visit https://www.midtownphillips.org/meetings
sunshine sevigny
TASKScompile agenda from exec committeeschedule board and community meetings on zoomhost zoom for board, community and partner report meetingssend meeting agenda/links by emailsend newsletter content to Hannahupdate website contentmonitor email account and respond/forward as necessarydesign and send Alley half page ad  write and send radio announcements—KRSM, am950, KALYreview partner proposalswork with potential partners to create plan based on proposalcreate and monitor MOU agreementscreate and monitor ad agreementsapprove final payments of MOU agreements and ad agreementscheck signermanage files (Dropbox to be set up)board manual updates/proofingkeeper of passwords/log-in infoLiaison for Phillips 4-neighborhood monthly meetings