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Homeless Youth FY23 NOFO TA Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Julie Stremlau
I am now on the call via phone, the speaker was not working well for me. Anyone else having issues?
Vanessa Igess
Would we be able to get copies of these slides?
Julie Stremlau
Apologies, that is an error in the PP. We need FY23 ICQ and FY23 PRA.
Mitchell Sandy
Good Morning, past grant cycles allowed for partnering with other organizations for one of the core components, instead of providing all 3 within the same agency. Is this still allowable in this grant cycle?
Peg Lijewski
It would be very helpful to have these slides since they contain the links to helpful information especially regarding the GATA AND CSA reuirements
Janice Hack
Do we have to do the indirect cost rate election in CARS before submitting the grant? Or, can this be done after an award is made? We have a federally negotiated rate that has not changed since we last submitted in CARS.
Peg Lijewski
Is the Executive Summary Appendix 10 only or is another written 1 page document required? Appendix 10 is more than 1 page.
Peg Lijewski
Are job descriptions only required for vacant positions which do not have a resume ?
Peg Lijewski
the recording will not allow for persons to click on links?
Mark Schmitz
Are the 4 participants to serve each day to be across all 3 service types or for each service type?
Kirstie Mason (she/her) - Ignite
In reviewing previously submitted apps, we were previously instructed to include "There are no changes to this from last year’s application" in some sections. Can you confirm this is not the case this year and all sections should be completed with new written content? Thanks!
Peg Lijewski
For outreach, is the minimum daily number 4 for each of brief contacts and case management? Or can both of these add up to 4 minimum daily number?
Janice Hack
Can you restate the job descriptions and resumes required. I thought it was just for the CEO, finance staff, and program director.
Peg Lijewski
that is what the NOFO says
Janice Hack
Thank you!
Peg Lijewski
thank you
Kirstie Mason (she/her) - Ignite
Very helpful. Thanks, all!
Sherrine Peyton