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Shamaran Petroleum - Virtual Town Hall Meeting for investors - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi, The Iraqi government says that the agreements that the companies have with KRG must be reviewed and may not be valid and give control of oil exports to the Iraqi government, What does it say about it
nick linnane
You will have substantial unrestricted cash following the Sarsang acquisition. How much unrestricted cash do you think you need for normal business operations including an appropriate buffer? And what do you plan to do with any cash in excess of this?
michael conelius
can you clarify the bond(s) transactions? what assurances do you have 2023 will extend into the 2025. will you be reopening the 2025s in any other way. what are the dividend restrictions in the two bonds?
Janaka Ariyasena
a) To clarify, Shamaran does not currently hedge prices on oil production?b) Post the acquisition what are your longer term aims re leverage ratio, net debt levels?c) Does Taqa benefit from more favourable terms than the others?
Magnus Bruun
You postponed the report to 29/4 in order to get Sarsang in cluded in it. Then you change the date to 25/4. Sarsang is though not included. What happened and why was not us loyal share holders not informed?
Christer Holmsten
Har vi inkomster från Sarang för 2021
nick linnane
Tawke gas injection seems to have been successful, what is your view on whether gas injection makes sense at Atrush?