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Integrating Work Based Learning Basic Tenets & What that Means for Your Programs - Shared screen with speaker view
Julia Maddalena
Julia Maddalena
The Link above is the presentation and embedded are the plethora of resources for YOU!
Kelly Dass
I am not aware of new vision program
Michael LaMastra
New visions programs are not typically registered as WBL programs...however sometimes the WBL coordinator does work with the instructor on the placements and scheduling. They are observation-only programs so it is more of an extended job shadow
Amanda Miller
Hi everyone - just in case anyone wants a list of all NYSED state approved (registered) programs: http://www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/current-nysed-approved-cte-programs.pdf
Julia Maddalena
The CTE TAC has a lot of resources on program approval if you'd like to learn more, as well! https://nyctecenter.org/planning/program-approval-overview
Julia Maddalena
You can also reach out to your regional field associate for more specific questions on program approval and how it applies to your school/BOCES. https://nyctecenter.org/regional-field-staff
Ann LoBosco
Thank you Julia, that was going to be one of my questions!
Michael LaMastra
Thank you for sharing the list. The linked list is of NYSED-approved CTE programs which is a different process from registration of WBL programs. While there is not a public-facing list of registered WBL programs, more information can be found on NYSED's web page: http://www.nysed.gov/career-technical-education/registered-work-based-learning-experiences
Julia Maddalena
Thank you, Michael!
Julia Maddalena
The link to this spreadsheet can be found on slide 12 of Pat's powerpoint (where it says "tracking CDOS Hours": https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-jWjSzgWuJ_qJtfQprvt3A5hfJZ0ofYmAv78s2waBG8/edit?usp=sharing
Ann LoBosco
We have teachers do journals and print them for their hard copy folder. I am not sure if there is a program where EVERY piece is placed and can be fully documented.
Tracy Guntrum
Home school districts are responsible for CDOS not just CTE or BOCES.
susan Francis
Our BOCES is looking into getting the Transeo platform for tracking.
Julia Maddalena
Pat’s Powerpoint (Will also be posted with the recording) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-jWjSzgWuJ_qJtfQprvt3A5hfJZ0ofYmAv78s2waBG8/edit#slide=id.g189d9dbbaed_0_0Our Website - https://nyctecenter.org/PD Calendar - https://nyctecenter.org/professionaldevelopmentcalendarAsynchronous Learning: https://nyctecenter.org/asynchronous-learningRecordings and resources are posted here https://nyctecenter.org/virtual-pd-sessionsPlease evaluate this PD session! https://forms.gle/Si3qutkQvdsEJG4W8CTLE Credit can be requested by following the instructions on the confirmation page of the evaluation form.