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WiLing Wednesdays Educational Webinars - Series 3 - T-Cell Lymphoma - Session 5 - Shared screen with speaker view
Carolina Mahuad
Wisdom words. I think that the most important aspect is to follow your dreams and objectives in life, be patient but a constant worker, try to be reflexive and if you are fortunate to have a partner, share and talk a lot. Divide responsibilities in order to help both to reach their dreams and passions. Built a win win team. Its hard with children and also the reality of the different counties somehow conditions your possibilities. That’s also al challenge to keep working to be better and help your young colleagues to be even better than you.
Carolina Mahuad
Thanks a lot for sharing your great life stories!
Mary Gospodarowicz
We started a group of “Young Leaders” at our centre and offer mentorship by people outside their departments. It has been quite popular since outside people tend not to judge and are very supportive. Support and mentorship can come from outside your field. In my experience it is about more about support than the expertise.
Salvia Jain
As Madeline Albright says: there is plenty of room for mediocre men but none for a mediocre woman. Thanks Salvia from BIDMC, Boston.
Carolina Mahuad
Thank you! Im honored to listen to you