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US News: Why You Should Participate - Shared screen with speaker view
Josh Thompson
Where is the transparency to consumers that it’s only communities that paid to play?
Barb Hemberger
I love that you're doing this! So, what if one of my locations did terribly, will that show up?
Barb Hemberger
Meaning they have low scores, their profile would show up but not that they have a bunch of things to work on.
Josh Thompson
you only surveyed 3,000 communities which is less than 10% of total senior living communities in the country. So, how can it be best of senior living? And from a transparency aspect, there is nothing stating that it's only communities that paid to be surveyed anywhere with US News.
Helen Hunsinger
My understanding is that companies that paid get Current survey data on their sites. otherwise people that didn't survey have old data.
Barb Hemberger
We have the full continuum of care at our place, but are not a CCRC. Maybe I'll talk to the program person about what would make sense. Saint Therese
Helen Hunsinger
Yes. Those that participated have current data. Those that did NOT participate have pages/profiles but their info is old.
Christine Childree
Will that be disclosed to consumers?
Helen Hunsinger
Sign me up for September!!!!